Technology Services


COE Technology Services in the College of Education at Florida Atlantic University is a vital component of the college. The department is responsible for desktop support, web development, server architecture, instructional and research support technologies in the College of Education. The team not only provides technical support services to the college community but also initiates technology enhancement projects.

The foremost values of the department are prompt and quality service and respect for the faculty, staff, and students in the college. We are committed to the implementation of technology that supports the missions of the College and the University. Within our team environment, we believe that we should each develop a strong sense of responsibility for ourselves and for the users whom we support.


  • Technology assistance for faculty, staff, and students
  • Configuration and support of the faculty, staff, and CoE lab computers systems
  • Configuration and support of FAU supported software and hardware
  • Configuration and support of all the CoE servers
  • Maintain computer labs for both instruction and student use
  • Provide upgrades and repairs to CoE computing equipment
  • Loan equipment such as computers, laptops and projectors to faculty and staff
  • Provide quotes to upgrade or to purchase new computing equipment
  • Provide advice on instructional and desktop hardware and software
  • Support of FAU supported video conferencing equipment
  • Web administration, support and design for the College of Education
  • Provide technology advice for CoE for NCATE, Data Collection and Technology committees
  • Liaison with OIT to further and expedite the College of Education’s technology needs