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Impact of Your Giving for Future Educators We appreciate your interest in supporting the College of Education at Florida Atlantic, where we offer breakthrough training for tomorrow’s top educators. Join us today and empower the future by bridging the funding gap for Florida Atlantic College of Education students.

Empower Breakthrough Education

At the College of Education, we are committed to providing students with the highest quality education possible. As one of the most diverse college education programs in Florida, our mission is to provide students with the skills, knowledge, and experience they need to become exceptional educators.

However, many of our students face financial barriers that can make it difficult for them to pursue their degrees. By easing their financial burden, we can help them focus on their studies, develop their skills, and become the best possible educators.

Scholarships have the power to transform lives, allowing students to focus on their studies and become passionate educators who inspire the next generation of learners. Your generosity will help ensure that every student has an opportunity to pursue their educational goals and make a positive impact on the world.

Every contribution, regardless of size, will create a lasting impact on countless students. Together, let's empower the future of education in Florida.

So Much Impact. So Many Ways to Make It.

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Impact of Your Giving for Future Educators

“In August 2021… Life took a dramatic turn both emotionally and financially. Throughout this journey, I remained focused and professional in my aspiration to become an elementary teacher I yearned to be. I am super elated to finally reach my last semester at FAU. This scholarship means a lot to me and will help alleviate some of the financial burdens that I now face.”

- FAU College of Education Student

“Throughout my academic journey, I've never been awarded any scholarship prior becoming the recipient of the Fields Endowed Scholarship. Coming from a community filled with crime, drugs, and poverty, the changes of me making it to this point in my academic journey were more than likely slim to none. I've made a lot of sacrifices to get to this point, suffered mentally, emotionally, and physically in some ways, but I continued to push forward and face each challenge head on. This fall, I will be the first in my family to graduate college, beginning to re-direct the course of my family history.”

- FAU College of Education Student