Accreditation, Assessment and Analytics

The Office of Accreditation, Assessment and Analytics facilitates ongoing programmatic, university, and state accreditations and program approvals, assessment, and data analytics for programs across the College of Education.

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  • Academic Program Review
  • Accreditation Reports & Site Visits
  • Standards Details Report (FLDOE)
  • Survey Development, Analysis & Reporting
  • Student Credit Hour and GPA Reports
  • Assessment Systems Committee (Chair)
  • Data Reporting & Analysis
  • Survey Development, Analysis & Reporting
  • LiveText by Watermark Assessments
  • FTCE/FELE Data
  • U.S. News & World Report Submissions
  • Candidate and Completer Data (TEI) (FLDOE)
  • Live Text Financial Assistance

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  • Office for Academic and Student Services, Teacher Certification Ombudsperson

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