Office of Educational Leadership Learning

FAU Office of Educational Leadership Learning


We envision a healthy, equitable and just society that promotes human dignity and fulfillment by building the capacity of courageous leaders needed to create educational spaces that maximize student learning, growth, and development through transformational affective and social learning, civic learning, well-being, and research.


We are a community of scholars and practitioners dedicated to innovative educational research, practice, and professional learning for school, district, and higher education leaders to courageously lead dynamic and equitable learning organizations in the State of Florida.

Priorities and Foundations

In the State of Florida, wellness, civic responsibility, and improved academic performance are at the top of educational priorities for students. In Florida, and across the nation, there is an effort to address these areas through programs centered on the relationship and affective needs and learning of students so that they are well-prepared to develop positive relations with others and become resilient and fulfilled members of our society. Among these programs are trauma-informed education, affective and social learning, appreciative education, and other whole-student approaches.

We research and utilize multiple strategies that are used to gain these learning outcomes, including but not limited to emphases on environmental awareness, school safety through mental health, equity in all its dimensions, and cultural competence. Learning and engagement in these areas will equip the next generations with an ability to deal with the existential dilemmas that we are now facing, including the emergence of global pandemics, deleterious effects of global warming and climate change, human-produced contamination of the planet’s ecosystem, and a lack of civic awareness and engagement leading to problems for effective democratic governance.

Therefore, the School Leaders Program at Florida Atlantic University has developed a center to meet the cutting-edge professional learning and research needs of Florida’s school districts, institutions of higher education, and our state’s educational system. Through networking and partnerships, we aspire to address the learning needs of school age and adult learners in terms of environmental, civics, safety and well-being, which goes beyond the traditional academic cognitive learning of knowledge and skills. The center is guided by the following two priorities:

  • To develop and implement learning programs in these areas, both for the direct engagement of all students in this learning and those aimed at teaching facilitators, teachers, and educational leaders on how to lead these programs.
  • Engage in research on these programs and to support the development of research-based professional learning programs.

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