Become an FAU Owl

FAU takes great pride in providing exceptional services, programs, and education to our brave active military & veterans students, and their family.

  1. Apply to FAU

Determine your program of study and ensure it is VA approved if you are going to use VA benefits at any point during your enrollment. Gather all necessary documents, and now you are ready to apply.

Note: FAU VA approved program list is located on the homepage of our (MVSSC) website, and it is updated with each new catalog year.

  1. Freshman/First Year
    1. Apply
    2. Pay Application Fee
    3. Self-report
  2. Transfer and Returning Students
    1. Apply
    2. Submit Official high school transcript(s) including military JST
    3. Submit Official Post-Secondary transcript(s)
    4. Submit official test scores
    5. Pay Application Fee
  3. Graduate 
    1. List of Graduate programs
    2. Submit Official Post-Secondary transcript(s) including military JST
    3. Submit official test scores
    4. Pay Application Fee
    5. Search for your graduate degree program to find all other requirements pertaining to your program 
  4. Transient student
    1. Go to the Florida Virtual Campus to complete the transient student application. 

Note Admission requirements are not waived for military and Veteran Students 

  1. While Waiting on your Admission Decision
    1. Complete your Federal Student Aid application (FAFSA® )
    2. Check your FAU application status
    3. Apply/check/transfer your VA education Benefit status
    4. Apply for scholarships and grants
      1. FAU Scholarships
      2. FAU MVSSC scholarship/Grants List
  1. GO OWLSLEY!!! You're Admitted, Now What?

Congratulations on your acceptance, you have a few more steps to complete before you can start enrolling in classes. 

  1. Get OWLDONE
    1. Pay your tuition deposit
    2. Get the Owl Done Portal to view and complete your entry requirements
  2. Complete all entry requirements
  3. Register for Classes
 Last Modified 6/14/21