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Preparing for the Next Semester

The checklist below is a guide as you prepare to for your next semester at FAU. For questions on TA, EDD, or VA education Benefits at FAU, contact (561) 297-4725 or Note: Be sure you are using your FAU email (if applicable), and your Z# is included in the

  • Run a Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS) & Meet with your academic advisor before enrolling in classes for the next semester(s) – VA and Financial 4Aid will issue benefits ONLY for the classes counting towards your approved program.
  • Register for classes and ensure your semester enrollment is finalized by the add/drop period of the term.
  • Save a PDF copy of your up-to-date COE or previous semester VA Award Letter (make sure the page stating your “Remaining months of Benefits” is included.
  • Complete the new academic year FAFSA application, (it normally opens on October 1 st for each academic year).If applicable, complete your residency re-classification with the registrar office by deadline date. If you are classified as an out-of-State student and have been living in the state of Florida for 12-consecutive months, you may be eligible for reclassification.
  • Apply for scholarships with FAU and externally. Check out our list externally List for Scholarship Opportunities.

Wait 30 days

Thirty days before classes begin, visit our website to submit your “Semester VA Enrollment certification Request Form”. Repeat this step with each semester you wish to utilize your VA Education Benefit.

What Happens Next?

We accept or reject your submitted request (if the form is not accurately completed or missing required documents).

  • If Accepted, you will receive an email stating the request is in queue to be certified to VA. Email Subject: “VA Enrollment Certification Request has been Accepted and is In Queue for Certification.”(processed first in first out, and it can take up to 30 days with the MVSSC office).
    • A deferment is applied to your account for the semester.
    • You will receive an email from the U.S Department of Veterans Affairs, with the subject " Enrollment Manager – Record submitted by certifying official” that the semester enrollment certification to VA has been submitted by our office.
    • Review the enrollment detail section to ensure your semester start and end dates and credit hours enrolled are accurately reported to VA.
  • If rejected – a rejection notification to your FAU email is will be sent to the student including the reason for the rejection. Students can correct issues on their submitted forms the by clinking on the link at the bottom of the rejection email.
    • A deferment is applied to your account for the semester.

Sign up for the Side -X- Side Career Readiness Program.

Join the Mil & Vets student organization on campus - Veteran Owls

Check out the FAQs page for any question you may have, or contact us at or 561-297-4725 Note: When contacting our office by email, make sure to share your Z# and use ONLY your FAU email

Classified as an Out-of-State Student, complete the: Out-of-State Tuition and Fee Waiver Form (applicable to students living in the state of Florida while enrolled at FAU and utilizing VA benefit or an active-duty student station outside of the state of Florida) Sign up for the Side -X- Side Career Readiness Program (if applicable). Join the Mil & Vets student organization on campus - Veteran Owls (if applicable).


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