Military TA/EDD

The U.S. Armed Forces offer Tuition Assistance (TA) to active service-members, National Guard, and Reservist who fulfill certain requirements. TA/EDD is a separate source of financial aid for eligible service-members and mandated to be the first payer of their college tuition program. Contact your Education. Service Officer prior to applying to FAU and note your TA may not cover all tuition and fees for your enrollment. It is the student’s responsibility to pay any portion of their tuition or fees not covered by TA.

Apply for Military Tuition Assistance (TA) / Education Dollars for Duty (EDD) (By Service Branch)

If you would like a referral from MVSSC to SAS, stop by our office and ask to fill out the Referral form.

Students Utilizing EDD or TA

For questions contact (561) 297-4725 or Note: Be sure you are using your FAU email (if applicable), and your Z# is included in the email.

  • Submit your TA or EDD request by the deadline(s) established from your service branch.Failure to submit the TA/EDD request for approval by the deadline may result in zero funding from your service branch.
  • Once approved, email a PDF copy of your TA or EDD vouchers to FAU Controller’s office at and cc


To receive a deferment while awaiting TA or EDD approval, you must complete and submit the Semester’s VA Enrollment Certification Request Form. This form is available to students as early as 30 days before the start of each semester.

  • Visit the Military and Veterans Student Success Center (MVSSC) website ( and complete the Semester’s VA Enrollment Certification Request Form to receive a deferment for the semester (prevent course cancellation and late fees while the university is processing the TA or EDD).
  • Simultaneously receiving benefits from VA under Ch.1606, 30, or 33 during a semester?
    Submit a second Semester’s VA Enrollment Certification Request Form, select the appropriate benefit and assure you attach your updated COE to the request. Refer to the “Students Utilizing VA Education Benefit” section for more.