Getting Started

Gather Information

  1. Florida Atlantic University
    1. Academic Calendar – Dates & Deadlines
    2. Financial Aid
    3. Florida Residency Guidelines
    4. College of Medicine
    5. Transfer Success Program
    6. Tuition and Fees
    7. University Catalog – Policies & Requirements,
  2. Federal Benefits
    1. Federal Student Aid
    2. VA Education Programs
    3. Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VR & E)
    4. eBenefits
  3. State of Florida
    1. Florida Department of Veterans Affairs.
    2. Florida Benefits
    3. Florida Student Financial Aid
    4. Florida Board of Governors
    5. Florida Statute on Educational Scholarships, Fees, and Financial Assistance
      • Recipients of Purple Heart or Other Combat Decoration Superior in Precedence (FS 1009.26(8))
      • Active Duty Non-Resident Fee Waiver (FS 1009.26(14))
      • Congressman C.W. “Bill” Young Veteran Tuition Waiver Act (FS 1009.26(13))

Compare your Options & Prepare to apply for Admission

  1. Use the GI Bill® Comparison Tool to see programs by school.
  2. GI Bill® Quick Reference
  3. School Decision Resources
  4. Determine which federal VA educational benefit program(s) you qualify for.
  5. Compare the monetary assistance provided by each VA educational benefit program.
  6. Gather the information and paperwork needed for your benefit program.
  7. Complete the VA Education Benefits Application Process. *You do not have to be an FAU Student to apply
  8. Request copies of your discharge papers / separation documents (DD214).

Note: Please review the off campus resources tab for a more general list of web links to information and organizations relevant to Veterans in our area.

Familiarize yourself with required paperwork and gather material

PII: Documents&Forms that may be required:
Note: This list is specific to our department at FAU and does not include the documents that may be requested by the VA or any other department at FAU….You may be requested to provide sensitive documents containing PII, you will be given the opportunity to upload documents during the various steps in the process. Please feel free to redact your SSN down to the last 4, for documents submitted to the MVSSC only.

  1. Proof of Military Status
    1. Veteran, Reserve, and NG: Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty (DD Form 214 Member 4) or Statement of Service (Found on eBenefits) – Must include “Character of Service”
    2. Dependents: Dependent ID, Proof of VA Benefits
    3. Active Duty: Orders, most recent Leave and Earnings Statement (LES)
  2. Proof of Current Florida Address

    Required to be submitted for any/all Fee Waiver requests (Non-Resident and Purple Heart/Superior). Please understand that many of the veteran’s benefits offered by the State of Florida require that you provide verifiable proof of a current Florida address at the time of the request.

    Acceptable documents must be valid (accurate and not expired) and include the beneficiaries full name, matching the request form as well as their current address.

    Example: Florida Driver’s License, Vehicle Registration, Lease --- Students living in the Dorms may submit official room assignments, available from the FAU Housing.

    Note: You do not need to be a Florida Resident to obtain a Florida ID Card. We strongly recommend students obtain a Florida ID if they are able to.

  3. Proof of Award or Entitlement
    1. Certificate of Eligibility – Veteran and Dependent beneficiaries of Chapters 30, 1606, 35, or 33 – Must be dated within 1 month of submission
    2. Authorization and Certification of Entrance or Reentrance Into Rehabilitation and Certification of Status (VA Form 28-1905) – Provided by recipients of Chapter 31 (VR & E)
    3. Award Order (Not Certificate) or DD Form 214 – Veterans claiming benefits based off award (i.e. Purple Heart or Superior)
  4. Other Forms
    1. Request for Change of Program or Place of Training (VA Form 22-1995) – Beneficiaries of Chapter 30, 33, and 1606 who have previously used their GI Bill® at another institution.
    2. Dependents’ Request for Change of Program or Place of Training (VA Form 22-5495) – Dependents using Chapter 35 or the Fry Scholarship who have used their GI Bill® at another institution
    3. Notice of Basic Eligibility (DD2384) – Members of the Reserve and National Guard using Chapter 1606
  5. Military Transcripts

    All students with college credit based on their own military service must submit their service transcripts to the FAU Office of Admissions:

    1. USA, USN, USMC,&USCG, (Including all components):
    2. USAF (Including all components):

    Note: A notification that the military transcript site is unsecured may appear when clicking on the link above. However, if you are accessing this site though a device and network you trust, it should be safe to proceed to the site.

Become a Veteran Owl:

Applying to FAU

How to apply




Pay your Admissions Deposit

Submit your Transcripts (Military, College, and High School)

Note: Check with the Admissions Office or Graduate College to confirm if High School transcripts are needed.

Complete your Federal Application for Student Aid (FAFSA)

Check your FAU application status: UG

After being Accepted

Schedule and Attend Orientation and Academic Advising


Register for Classes

Using your GI Bill® at FAU:

All students using VA Benefits must electronically submit the “VA Certification Request Form ” every semester after registering for classes.

Please select the link below and log in using your FAU Net ID and password. The instructions and documents to be uploaded are outlined in the form.

**The eform will not be processed unless all substantiating documents are included with the submission.

VA Certification Request Form

Non-Resident Fee Waivers

All students (Active Duty, Reserve, National Guard, Veteran, and Dependents using VA Education Benefits) must electronically submit the appropriate FAU form, including all required documents, every semester.

Note: The waivers do not change the students’ residency status. Students will remain listed as Non-Florida Resident and fees will remain on their account until after the Add/Drop date.

Please select the appropriate link below and log in using your FAU Net ID and password. The instructions and documents to be uploaded are outlined in the form. **The eform will not be processed without all substantiating documents being included with the submission.

Active Duty | Veteran, Dependent, Reserve, National Guard

Purple Heart or Other Combat Decoration Superior in Precedence

At this time, there is no form for the waiver. Please email your request to Brett Berardino at and include proof of award (DD214 or Award Order)


  1. Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
  2. Learn about transferring the Post 9/11 GI Bill® to an eligible Spouse or Dependent.

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