GENERAL EDUCATION Program for Faculty

The general education curriculum is designed to ensure that every undergraduate student graduates as an informed citizen through participation in rigorous general education courses that equips students with the academic tools they will need to succeed, not only as undergraduates in their degree programs, but also as responsible citizens in a complex world. 

General Education Course Submission and Approval Procedures
The Core Curriculum Committee (CCC), a subcommittee of the University Undergraduate Programs Committee (UUPC), oversees the development, implementation, and assessment of the General Education Program which was revised in spring 2024. The CCC includes three representatives from the Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters, two representatives from the Charles E. Schmidt College of Science, and one representative from each of the other colleges offering undergraduate degrees. The Dean of Undergraduate Studies is a non-voting member of the CCC as well as the Executive Director of Assessment for Undergraduate Studies, who chairs the committee. The CCC reviews courses for inclusion in the General Education Program. Please click here for the submission procedures.

General Education Course Assessment and Reporting
Learning outcomes are associated with each general education subject area. Faculty are required to provide the CCC with a yearly report on student learning outcomes in their general education course(s). The method used to evaluate student performance on course learning outcomes is entirely at the discretion of the instructor, as long as the number of students who met each of the required outcomes is reported. A procedural manual for testing and reporting general education student learning data can be found through the links below.

Faculty Resources - to assist faculty in creating a successful assessment plan for their general education course(s), the following resources are provided. 

FAU General Education Academic Assessment Plan

A procedural manual for testing and reporting general education student learning data. 

General Education Report Template

Complete this report template for your general education course(s).  This report is reviewed by the Core Curriculum Committee. Submit completed reports to Dr. Anthony Ambrosio at