Purpose of the Core Curriculum

FAU believes that higher education should go well beyond the preparation of individuals for demanding careers in their chosen fields.  It should also provide broad intellectual enrichment through systematic exposure to a diversity of academic experiences. The purpose of the Core Curriculum...... click here to read more.

Current Core Curriculum Committee

  • Fred Bloetscher, Associate Dean and Professor, College of Engineering and Computer Science, fbloetsc@fau.edu   
  • Ann Branaman, Professor and Chair of Sociology, branaman@fau.edu
  • Anthony Ambrosio, Director of Assessment for Undergraduate Programs, aambrosio@fau.edu
  • David Binninger, Associate Chair, Department of Biological Sciences, Charles E. Schmidt College of Science, binninge@fau.edu
  • Edward Pratt, CCC Chair, Professor, Dean of Undergraduate Studies, epratt2@fau.edu
  • College for Design and Social Inquiry
  • Marc Rhorer, Assistant Dean, College of Business, mrhorer@fau.edu
  • Marcella Munson, Chair and Associate Professor of French & Comparative Literature, Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts & Letters, mmunson@fau.edu
  • Michael Brady, Chair and Professor, Exceptional Student Education, College of Education, mbrady@fau.edu
  • Michael Harrawood, Associate Professor, English, Harriett L. Wilks Honors College, mharrawo@fau.edu
  • Roger Goldwyn, Program Director and Instructor, Mathematics, Charles E. Schmidt College of Science, rgoldwyn@fau.edu
  • Wendy Hinshaw, Assistant Professor, English, Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts & Letters, whinshaw@fau.edu