Take General Education (IFP) Courses Related to Your  Professional Interests & Professional Goals


What is an IFP Thematic Cluster?

IFP thematic clusters address a central theme or topic by linking courses from across the IFP curriculum. Each theme represents a twenty-first century challenge, and course experiences (e.g., activities, assignments, projects) in each of the courses are organized around this challenge.

Why Should I take an IFP Thematic Cluster?

Enrolling in an IFP thematic cluster affords students an opportunity to study the topic in-depth from multiple disciplinary perspectives and from diverse methods of inquiry. This approach also helps students understand the connections between disciplines. Students are more likely to stay engaged and motivated in their learning, as the courses not only build upon an area of personal interest, but can often be used to satisfy multiple requirements (major, IFP, electives).

What IFP Thematic Clusters are Available?

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Students should be aware that some courses listed may not apply toward their major. Be particularly careful in choosing science and mathematics courses, for example, because some majors require courses other than those listed in the clusters.   Please choose courses in a particular cluster in consultation with an advisor in University Advising Services (UAS).    Schedule an appointment using Success Network.

Climate Change


Technology & Society
Research and Inquiry


Global Studies