Fundamentals of Written Communication Badge

Written Communication Badge

Florida public postsecondary institutions now offer students a Fundamentals of Written Communication digital badge. With this badge, you will be able to not only enhance your personal communication skills but also convey to future employers that you have acquired vital skills needed for professional success.

What is Effective Written Communication?

Effective written communication is the ability to communicate ideas, information, and perspective clearly, adapting a message to different audiences and situations, and using the appropriate style to convey meaning in various contexts.

Why is effective written communication important in the workplace?

  • Enhances an employee’s ability to interpret and evaluate a wide variety of written material
  • Promotes research, critical thinking, and problem solving
  • Advances the development of clearly written material relevant to the intent
  • Enhances the use of appropriate language for an intended audience
  • Increases the competent, effective, and responsible use of information

What are you learning by earning this badge?

By completing the college course associated with this badge, you will demonstrate information literacy, comprehension of written material, and conveying information in writing for a variety of rhetorical purposes and audiences.

Some of the learning outcomes associated with the college course that results in this badge include:

  • Examining and analyzing written material
  • Synthesizing information and ideas
  • Developing content relevant to the purpose
  • Demonstrating the ability to write to a specific audience
  • Presenting a perspective informed by research and critical thinking
  • Revising written communication based on feedback

How to Earn this Digital Badge?

  1. Enroll in one of the following college courses: ENC X101 or a course which ENC X101 is a prerequisite*.
  2. Successfully complete the course with a grade of “C” or better.
  3. Digital badge will automatically be awarded by the public institution where you complete the course.

*ENC X101 must be a required pre-requisite on the course at both FAU and at the state level. FAU courses that fall under this category are:  ANT 1471, ENC 1102, ENC 2248, ENG 4020, and HIS 4322.