Student Media Advisory Board

The Division of Student Affairs in collaboration with Student Government has established a Student Media Advisory Board (SMAB).  The mission of the SMAB is to uphold the principles of student media at Florida Atlantic University (FAU) and fulfill the following SMAB primary purposes (as further described in the SMAB charter): 

A. Provide advisory guidance and support to student media at FAU through the professional and practical expertise of its members; 

B. Advise the student media under its purview, and promote the highest standards of journalism and broadcast communication; safeguard the interests, including financial stability and editorial independence, of student media; and ensure that those media are responsive to the needs and concerns of the University community. 

For more information about mission, purpose and role of the SMAB review the CHARTER (link). 


Board Members

Dan Sweeney - Sun-Sentinel Political Reporter

Gabby Alvarado - Digital Content Producer Telemundo

Frank Cerabino - Reporter/Columnist The Palm Beach Post

Lia Escobar - Radio/Music producer and consultant

Alexandra Flugel - Digital Marketing Strategist and Television Producer

Robert Baylin - Communications Professor

Lucas Yubero - OWL Radio Station Manager

Kerri Covington - University Press Editor-in-Chief

Alicia Martinez - Owl TV Station Manager

Kyle MacDonald - Student Government President