Soar-in-4 Scholars

2020 Cohort for Scholars

Jillian Jillian Baader

I am majoring in Biological Sciences and I have a passion for anything related to science. My dream is to attend PA school to become a Physician's assistant. I hope to be a Physician's assistant for a pathologist or a pediatrician, but I am open to any other fields I may come across. I will strive every day to make my future aspirations a reality!



Alexia Alexia Carmack

I am a Psychology and criminology major from New Port Richey, Florida. In life, I hope to help those around me and make a lasting impact. My career goals include getting my Ph.D. In Psychology, becoming a certified Forensic Psychologist, and to one day work for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Being surrounded by a family that participated in many aspects of the criminal justice system, has inspired me to want to be a part of that legacy. I hope to be an example of how the justice system should operate.


Samantha Samantha Collier

Hello! My name is Samantha Collier and I joined SOAR4 as a freshman in 2021. I am studying biology in hopes to attend physician assistant school after my undergrad. My career goal is to become a pediatric physician assistant or a physician assistant in emergency medicine.



Emalee Emalee Cortright

I aspire to work in healthcare as a nurse practitioner in pediatrics or family medicine. I am currently majoring in health sciences and I plan on applying to an accelerated BSN nursing program after I graduate. I am interested in this career path because it is a fulfilling career that focuses on improving people's health and providing hands-on healthcare. 



Caitlin Caitlin Davis

I am Caitlin Davis, a freshman here at FAU majoring in Health Sciences. I am originally from Orlando, Florida, and hope to continue into Chiropractic school after graduating with my Bachelors to become a Doctor of Chiropractic.



Brigitte Brigitte Escobar Hoyos

My name is Brigitte, I am a biological sciences major. Some of my career goals are to graduate on time, get involved in my community by helping others, get accepted into FAU's medical school, and become a good medical doctor. I would like to volunteer and work on clinical research in order to get experience and be able to help others.



Dominic Dominic Febles

My name is Dominic and I am a B.S. Neuroscience and Behavior major from Cape Coral, Florida. My inspiration comes from my family. They inspire me to be the best person I can be. They are all role models of mine who work very hard and taught me that with a strong work ethic and time management, you can achieve anything you put your mind to.




Nicolas Nicolas Fraser Fajardo

My name is Nicolas but everyone calls me Nico. I am 19 years old, I was born and raised in South Florida. My major is Biological Sciences and I am currently a freshman. My career goal is to hopefully become a Special Forces Combat Medic in the United States Air Force.


Michelle Michelle Gras

I am from Fort Myers, Florida, and I am majoring in Chemistry with a concentration in Biochemistry. During college, I look forward to spending a significant amount of time doing research in fields related to the connection between biochemistry and medicine. I aspire to attend medical school and continue research throughout my career as a physician.

Hannah Hannah Legerman

I am originally from Toronto, Canada, and moved to Florida around two years ago. I am a freshman at Florida Atlantic University and majoring in biological sciences. I am a pre-health student and I hope to attend medical school and work in emergency medicine. 


Nada Nada Maher

I am Nada Maher and I am pursuing a B. S. in Biological Sciences at FAU following a pre-health track.  I plan on attending medical school after I graduate as I intend to pursue medicine.  The medical field has always inspired me to help my community and educate myself well on the many wonders of the human body.  I hope I am able to achieve this goal as a part of the wonderful soar in 4 program.

Daphne Daphne McCoy

Hello, my name is Daphney McCoy and I am currently pursuing a B.S. in Biological Science. I am passionate about the possibility of stimulating cellular regeneration, and my goal is to become a plastic surgeon who specializes in microsurgery. I dream to research cellular and spinal cord regeneration in zebrafish to learn about proteins that shorten their four-week recovery period, to possibly identify proteins that promote regeneration in people. 


Julianna Julianna McGary

My name is Julianna and I am a Biological science major from Pittsburgh, PA. I hope to make a difference in people’s lives. My mom took the same path that I am currently on and has been a doctor her entire life. I hope that I can be as successful and caring as she is. 



Jasmine Moran Jasmine Moran

My name is Jasmine Moran, I’m 18 years old, and I am from Queens, New York. I am currently pursuing a bachelor's degree majoring in Health Sciences with a science concentration. I plan on attending medical school after obtaining my degree here at FAU to become a trauma doctor in an ER. Medicine has always sparked great interest in me. Helping my community and being able to research new, innovative ways to do so, is something I thrive to be doing in the future.


Kyahra Kyahra Morrissey

I am currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences. My hometown is Orlando, Florida. My career goal is to become a specialized physician such as a Cardiologist. I have always been fond of achieving my goal of being a part of the medical field since I was six years old. The passion that is instilled in me to help others and the ability I will attain to serve a meaningful purpose in the health care field is rewarding.




Schnydine Noel

Hello, my name is Schnydine Noel, and I'm from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I am currently majoring in Neuroscience and Behavior with a minor in Psychology on a pre-med track. My career goal is to become a physician in obstetrics and gynecology (OB-GYN), with a possible concentration in maternal-fetal medicine. I am open to looking at different careers because ultimately, I would like to be happy with the career and life I have chosen. 




Rylee O'Shannon

My name is Rylee O'Shannon and I am from Tampa, Florida. I am currently a psychology major. My long-term goal is to advance in the area of Neuropsychology by obtaining my Ph.D. and working in private practice.


Savannah Savannah Peifer

My name is Savannah Peifer and I am a geoscience major. I plan to switch my major to biology and finish that degree before continuing to law school. From there, I plan to study human right’s law and eventually transition into politics.


Jackson Rodgers Jackson Rodgers

Hi, my name is Jackson Rodgers. I am a sophomore at Florida Atlantic University. I am an Exercise Science major hoping to one day become a Physical Therapist. 




Roseme Eunice Roseme

My name is Eunice and I am a B.S. Biology major from Pompano Beach, FL. My parents and BTS inspired me to keep working toward my aspirations despite circumstances telling me otherwise. They also inspired me to give back to others wholeheartedly. I aspire to be a physician, helping others while pursuing a career in medicine.



David David Sanchez

My name is David Sanchez, I am 18 years old, and I'm a freshman majoring in health science. I am from Colombia and I came to the United States 2 years ago with a dream and a positive mind in which I will achieve my academic goals and find my purpose as a citizen to the common good of the people.


keaira Keaira Scott

I am majoring in Biological Sciences and my career goal is to be an Anesthesiologist. I aspire to gain as much knowledge and skills throughout my learning years and utilize them to help people in the medical environment. I aspire to not only become a very successful anesthesiologist but to show my patients that they can trust that I will give them the best care possible. 




Joanna Shultz

My name is Joanna Shultz but I typically go by Josie. I am originally from Ohio but I moved down to Florida to attend my dream college FAU. My hometown was extremely small with not much to do and moving down south not only gave me new opportunities but a new perspective on my life. I am a Neuroscience and Behavior major and I intend on doing research in early childhood cognition. 

Slinko Rhianna Slinko

My name is Rhianna Slinko I am a freshman this year, and I am majoring in psychology. My career goals are to obtain my master's and become either a child psychologist or a family and marriage therapist! I am so excited to have this support group and all learn and grow together.





Scarlett Tischer

My name is Scarlett Tischer and I am a health science major with a concentration in women's studies on a pre-med track. I hope to one day become an OB/Gyn and deliver babies. I am originally from Columbus, Ohio, but I moved to Florida to go to FAU and I couldn't be happier. I have always had an interest in the medical field and there's no other profession I would rather pursue. I'm looking forward to every minute I have at FAU, studying medicine and learning how to become a physician!

Sophia Sophia Vidal

My name is Sophia Vidal, and my major is Biological Sciences. I am Peruvian American. Lastly, my aspiration is to become a veterinarian and open up a non-profit veterinary clinic. 


Williams Zidane Williams

I am Zidane Williams I am of Jamaican descent. My major is biology and the the future I would like to become an Ophthalmologist. I am very grateful to be a participant in soar for 4 and I promise that I will not take this opportunity for granted. My hobbies are soccer, basketball, and tennis. My hometown is Portmore, Jamaica.



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