Two Science Graduate Students Named Inaugural Recipients of Guy Harvey Fellowship for Marine Science Research

Friday, Mar 29, 2024
Two Science Graduate Students Named Inaugural Recipients of Guy Harvey Fellowship for Marine Science Research

Congratulations to Schmidt College of Science graduate students Zeke Tuszynski and Sarah F. Webb! Both were recently named the inaugural recipients of the 2024 Guy Harvey Fellowship for Marine Science Research by the Guy Harvey Foundation (GHF).

The Guy Harvey Fellowship, formerly the Guy Harvey Scholarship Award, in partnership with the GHF and Florida Sea Grant, selects up to eight outstanding undergraduate and graduate scholars at Florida colleges and universities whose research focuses on the biology, ecology, habitat, or management of sustainable marine fisheries in Florida’s marine environment. Tuszynski and Webb each received a $5,000 research stipend and a certificate personally designed and signed by world-renowned marine wildlife artist, conservationist and GHF founder and Chair Emeritus, Dr. Guy Harvey.

“Our commitment to funding and helping pave the way for young scholars to become the next wave of ocean conservation stewards is vital to the Guy Harvey Foundation’s mission,” said Dr. Harvey. “Highlighting the extraordinary research these students have undertaken and rewarding their hard work emphasizes the importance of keeping the ecosystem of our oceans healthy and the scientific community motivated.”

Tuszynski is a graduate student from Wenatchee, Washington, who is pursuing a master’s degree in biological sciences. His research focuses on the migration patterns of blacktip sharks along the east coast. Using satellite transmitters and environmental factors that influence the sharks’ movement, he’s investigating the extent of their northward migration along the Eastern Seaboard.

“Given the ‘Near Threatened’ species status of blacktip sharks, understanding their habitat use and migratory patterns becomes crucial for management and conservation efforts,” stated Tuszynski.

Webb is a Ph.D. integrative biology candidate from Milltown, New Jersey. Her research focuses on evaluating estuary conditions, such as salinity, and its impacts on fish movements and behaviors. She examines the potential resurgence of nursery habitat in the St. Lucie Estuary for the endangered smalltooth sawfish, a species historically found in the area. Webb’s dissertation utilizes extensive fish and water quality monitoring to provide essential insights into the effects of these stressors, such as excessive freshwater inflow, on various fish species, including various estuarine-dependent sportfish, juvenile goliath grouper, and juvenile smalltooth sawfish.

Webb’s work is crucial for resource managers who hope to better understand the dynamics of this unique ecosystem, which is part of the northern Everglades component of the RECOVER program. Understanding how these animals respond spatially to these inputs is vital for species conservation and predicting the impacts of water management decisions on marine populations.

Both Tuszynski and Webb will have the opportunity to share their work with the greater Sea Grant network through the Florida Sea Grant’s communications team. Award recipients are also expected to share their progress and participate in public and scientific events to improve their science communication skills.

The Guy Harvey Foundation has a focused mission to better understand and conserve the ocean environment. It collaborates with local, national, and international organizations to conduct scientific research and provides funding to affiliated researchers who share this objective.

The Guy Harvey Scholarship Award was established in 2010 through a partnership between Florida Sea Grant and the GHF. Since then, 90 students from 12 different Florida colleges and universities have received more than $439,000 in scholarships.

Applications for the 2025 Guy Harvey Fellowship will open later this year. Click here to stay informed about eligibility criteria and deadlines or contact Florida Sea Grant Student Programs Coordinator Cassandra Sexson at

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