Student Spotlight with Amaury Miniño

Tuesday, Mar 31, 2020


Amaury Miniño is pursuing a B.S. in Mathematics with honors, and a minor in Economics. He works with Dr. Pamela E. Harris at Williams College, in continuation of his summer Research Experience for Undergraduates.

What are your research interests? What research or scholarly pursuits are you currently pursuing?

My research interests lie in algebra, and in particular combinatorial approaches to solving algebraic problems. I am currently researching Kostant's weight multiplicity formula for the exception Lie algebra of type G2. This research has been submitted for publication, and I plan on continuing to study the use of combinatorics in solving problems.

What do you like best about being at FAU? 

I truly love the sense of community and family that I have developed during my time here. Before starting at FAU, I viewed mathematics as a tool to use in my life. In pursuing mathematics, I have grown to love and appreciate all that beauty that mathematics has to offer.

How are you involved at FAU?

I currently work at the Math Learning Center (MLC) as a Learning Assistant (LA) for Calculus 2. I have been working at the MLC for over two years now, as both an LA and a tutor. Additionally, I re-established the Math Club at FAU and served as the President for two years. I recently stepped down from my E-board position to allow new students to continue organizing the club, which has allowed me to see the work that I put into the club continue on without my direct involvement.

What career/or graduate degree are you interested in pursuing after you graduate?

I have been accepted into Colorado State University for their Ph.D. program in mathematics, and Florida State University for their Ph.D. program in pure mathematics.

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