College of Science Appoints Diversity & Inclusion Officer

Thursday, Jun 07, 2018

The Dean of the College of Science, Dr. Ata Sarajedini, recently appointed Ms. Latarsha Morgan as the Assistant Director for Diversity & Inclusion. In this new role, she will work to ensure that all College of Science projects related to diversity align with the overall vision of the college to celebrate diversity, facilitate equity and inclusiveness, and inspire positive change. She will have the pleasure of working closely with all offices dedicated to supporting diversity and inclusion in not only the College of Science, but also university-wide. She expressed her excitement about the strategic work this new role will involve. Latarsha will work with deans and department chairs to increase faculty diversity, provide guidance in setting realistic diversity goals, train search committees, broaden faculty applicant pools, increase retention of underrepresented groups, and assist with providing faculty development and advancement opportunities.

During her 19-year career in higher education, Latarsha has had the opportunity to work in three very different institutions: state college, for-profit private/online, and currently, Florida Atlantic University (FAU). As a result, she has strong experience in admissions, orientation, high school dual enrollment, and innovative programs. For the past 11 years, she has worked within the Pre-Health Professions office arena, assisting freshman and sophomore students, as well as first generation and continuing students. Latarsha has also been the instructor for the freshman learning communities, teaching Strategies for Academic Success and Current Issues in Biomedicine, as part of the pre-health learning community.

Recently, Latarsha hit the ground running in her new diversity role, by attending an FAU-wide Latino Symposium and representing the College of Science at the Latinos in Action Conference. The College of Science is trailblazing in the arena of women in STEM, the Associate Dean, Dr. Evonne Rezler, is a co-principle investigator for the National Science Foundation funded ADVANCE project whose primary focus is promoting participation and advancement of women in science and engineering. Latarsha and her Pre-Health advising colleagues have also recently collaborated with the College of Medicine in the development of a grant proposal for a Health Careers Opportunity Academy (HCOP) for underrepresented minority undergraduate students. The goals of this proposed project are to bridge the gap for the educationally disadvantaged students to enter and succeed in health professions careers. Moving forward, Latarsha will continue to work closely with Dean Sarajedini, Dr. Rezler, the Director of Science Advising, Ms. Demarus Johnson, and the Associate Director of Pre-Health Professions, Ms. Gina Johnson, to provide advising and support to students interested in pursuing a pre-health professions graduate program, and  to grow diversity and inclusion activities and projects in the College of Science and FAU   .

Latarsha Morgan, FAU Assistant Director for Diversity & Inclusion


Pre-Health Professions Team

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