Department of Geosciences Welcomes Visiting Assistant Professor Matt Edwards

Friday, Aug 25, 2023

Matt EdwardsI began my path in Earth Sciences in New Zealand, where the highly geologically-diverse landscape permitted a very hands-on approach to learning a broad range of disciplines. I obtained my B.Sc. (Hons) in Geology in 2014 at the University of Canterbury, focusing on vesiculating dome lava. I followed this in 2015 with a M.Sc. in Geology researching a hydrothermal eruptive episode at White Island. I completed my Ph.D. in Earth Sciences at the University of Geneva in 2020 with an intensive study on low viscosity magma fragmentation.

My research has covered many disciplines and techniques important in Physical Volcanology. I have a strong history of fieldwork on many New Zealand and Italian volcanoes, through mapping of volcanic deposits and textures, tephra and lava sampling, and high-speed recording of eruptions. Experimental volcanology has also been a crucial part of my work, using both real and analog materials to simulate and investigate volcanic processes. These have led to extensive analyses of mineralogy, eruption dynamics and grain-size analyses via microscopy, computed tomography, SEM, EPMA and videos/images.

Joining FAU’s Department of Geosciences provides a unique opportunity to inspire and introduce students to the field of volcanology through traditional techniques, but also my personal experiences. I look forward to the possibilities of guiding students in and towards this field, as well as the potential research and collaborations at FAU in the future.

Tags: science

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