College of Science Hosts, Joins Academic Integrity Forums

Tuesday, Feb 21, 2023

In January, the Schmidt College of Science held a Faculty Teaching Forum on Academic Integrity that provided a platform for faculty to exchange best practice ideas. The teaching forums also encouraged faculty to share teaching-related resources and join discussions on topics such as classroom management, curriculum innovation, student learning outcome assessment and academic integrity for all modes of teaching.Faculty Forum and COCE reps

"Academic integrity is a critical step to ensure the quality of education and hold faculty and students accountable to create an equitable and just learning environment,” said Yanmei Li, Ph.D., associate professor in the Schmidt College of Science's Department of Urban and Regional Planning, college director of assessment, and college administrative fellow for faculty development.

Among other important topics the forum covered were how instructors could help prevent and detect cheating, both in-person and online, as well as how to ensure that students understand what constitutes cheating.

Event panelists from the Schmidt College of Science, including, Evonne Rezler, Ph.D., senior associate dean for Undergraduate Studies, Papiya Bhattacharjee, Ph.D., an Instructor and Graduate Faculty member in the Department of Mathematical Sciences, and Donna Marion, Ph.D., a senior instructor in the Department of Psychology, along with members of FAU’s Center for Online and Continuing Education joined the forum, which was moderated by Li.

On Feb. 6, all FAU instructional faculty were invited to attend a university-wide, online panel discussion, “AI, Academics & Integrity.” Together, over 125 faculty explored how to navigate collegiate-level instruction amid the sudden growth of the popular chatbot, ChatGPT. Since its public launch last November, ChatGPT is estimated to have reached over 100 million users in just two months as its ability to compose credible-looking essays and lengthy answers to a broad array of queries went viral.

“Channeling students into the positive aspects of using these AI models now will help us harness their benefit in teaching,” said Li.

Marion represented the Schmidt College of Science on the panel as a master teacher.

This panel was sponsored by FAU’s School of Communication and Multimedia Studies (SCMS) as part of The Critical Conversation Series and SCMS Integrity Week.

To view a recording of the Feb. 6 panel discussion,  click here.

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