Novelution - Percent Project Credit

The intent of the Percent Project Credit section in Novelution is to capture the project credit among all listed PIs, Co-PI/Co-Is, and other senior/key personnel within a proposal for the purposes of:

  • Having the ability for PIs, Co-PI/Co-Is, and other senior personnel to be identified and receive proper credit for each proposal they are involved in.
  • Enhancing collaboration across colleges/units since the percent credit can be shared.
  • Having the ability to pull reports giving percent credit to all PIs, Co-PI/Co-Is, and other senior/key personnel. (i.e. tenure and promotion). Assigning the percent project credit is ultimately the responsibly of the PI. OSP will not make the credit split determination. We encourage the PI to work collaboratively with the Co-Is and senior personnel in determining the appropriate credit.


Ad hoc reports are currently available in Novelution and can pull data from various fields within a proposal, including PIs, Co-PI/Co-Is, and other senior/key personnel information. Additionally, named PIs, Co-PI/Co-Is, and other senior/key personnel listed in a proposal record can be searched using the “Filtered Search” function which filters all proposal records for that individual.

Currently, the percent project credit is not yet available in the filtered search. The Office of Sponsored Programs is working on this functionality and will be creating a “Percent Project Credit Report” template that will identify the percent of a given proposal attributed to each PIs, Co-PI/Co-Is, and other senior/key personnel. Account and Budget Split

The Percent Project Credit functionality within the proposal is not intended to split an award or create separate accounts for each investigator. However, when the PI wishes to have a separate account established for an investigator outside of the lead PIs department, there is a mechanism to create separate accounts:

  • To request a separate account for PIs, Co-PI/Co-Is, and other senior/key personnel, a separate detailed budget for each account will be required.
  • Accounts cannot be split within the same department. If the faculty are in the same department, they will share one account.
  • Within the budget section in Novelution, split budgets can be created at time of proposal submission. The PI of record can create split budgets prior to proposal submission or can elect to create split budgets at time of award.
  • If the PI of record wishes to split the budget at time of award, the PI of record will need to provide individual budgets (excel spreadsheet) for each separate account to their assigned Award Administrator in Sponsored Programs prior to award setup.
  • The Award Administrator will then submit the request for award setup to the Research Accounting office who will then generate different TAG numbers in Workday for the separate accounts.