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Log into MyFAU; Click FAU Self-Service (left side of screen); Click Student Services. Be sure to check for holds prior to registering. For instructions, see

Having trouble registering for any courses?

Some courses have restrictions that can be overridden simply by contacting the instructor, which you can do by emailing them. You can find the email of the instructor by clicking on the CRN number of the course in the Banner online course schedule. If you have difficulty contacting the instructor, then notify David Flanigan at and indicate your Z number and which course number and CRN you want to enroll in and he can try to contact the instructor. Some of the courses which may have FAU restrictions that the instructor will override are:

CRN Course Course Title Notes Contact person to request permission to enroll*
115193 CRW 4930 H Writing the Novel Banner indicates a prereq which we do not require. Rachel Luria
        *if you are unable to reach the instructor,  contact David Flanigan (Provide Z number, Course prefix/no and CRN )

Course Notes for Spring 2019:

Just Added: new 1 credit team taught
IDS 3932
Honors Rapid Assessment in Social Science: W 11-11:50am. Taught by Dr. Vernon and Dr. Fewkes.

Just Added: IDS 4930 Honors Qualitative Research Methods, Fridays 9-11:50, taught by Dr. Fewkes. This course will be beneficial to students in the humanities and social sciences because it covers types of analysis and research skills that will be beneficial for thesis research and can be listed on resumes as research skills. The course includes ethics training, securing Citi certification, IRB process discussion, as well as training in interviewing, questionnaires, text analysis, relational databases, ethnographic observation, data analysis, photography/videography, and other approaches. The course fulfills the social science distribution elective graduation requirement. 

Two of our team taught 1-credit courses will meet three times: the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd parts of the semester:
IDS 3932 H Econ and History of Soviet Union
IDS 3932 Art/Science Data Visualization.
The 5 weeks each section meets are listed in the Banner schedule (check Beg Date/End Date).

French placement: Students who took French in High School or at a different institution prior to attending the Honors College might be able to test out of FRE 1120 and register directly for the FRE 1121 course (Beginning French Language and Culture 2) that Prof. Nancy Tille-Victorica is offering in the spring  (MW 9-10:50am). Here is the link to the placement test: 
Students interested in studying French at any level are welcome to contact Prof. Tille-Victorica in HA 113 or by email.

SPN 1121 Honors Beg. Spanish Lang/Culture 2, CRN 12666, has been moved from TR to MW 6-7:50pm and will be taught by Prof. Marlyn Henriquez.

IDH 3720 Honors Law in the Real World (1 credits, CRN 16032 M 6-6:50pm): While this course does not count towards the team-taught critical inquiry requirement, it is a highly recommended introduction to a variety of real world legal problems you might face during their lives. Students have the unique opportunity to learn from a different practicing attorney each week. The objective is to provide students with a basic understanding of the law by providing a concentrated 1 hour instruction on legal topics such as intellectual property law (patents, trademarks, copyrights), bankruptcy and creditors' rights, juvenile law, entertainment and sports law, contracts, family law, immigration law, business law. No prior knowledge of the law is assumed and the course is designed for students with varying academic interests including students concentrating in the sciences, social sciences, business, and humanities.

POS 4932 Honors Women and the Workplace (3 credits, CRN 16020 W 6-8:50pm, Prof. Amy Borman):  This course covers discrimination in the workplace based upon gender, age and pregnancy, and other issues relating to women and work, including equal pay and sexual harassment. There are no prerequisites. The course counts as an elective for students concentrating in Law and Society, Political Science, or Women's Studies. It also serves as a Distribution Elective in the Social Sciences. Prof. Borman is General Counsel at the 15th Judicial Circuit in West Palm Beach, leading a department of 13 attorneys, and received her law degree from Georgetown Law.

BSC 4930 Honors Experimental Design and Data Analysis (3 credits, CRN 16021 F 9-11:50am, Prof. Andia Chaves Fonnegra) This course is focused on the basic concepts of hypothesis testing, experimental design and data analyses. Students will learn how to design research projects from inception of an idea, formalizing a hypothesis, designing sampling/experimental techniques and data collection. It will include an overview of basic statistical analyses such as ANOVAs, linear regression and non-parametric tests. All statistical analyses will be run in R software environment. The objective of the course is to give tools to students for the design and development of their honors theses and is thus geared towards seniors (and advanced juniors) currently working on their thesis. Prerequisite: STA 2023

ART 4934C Honors 3d Computer Game Development (4 credits, CRN 15006 TR 9-11:50, Prof. Annina Ruest)
This course focuses on developing 3d games or other interactive experiences within the context of art. We will be using the game development environment Unity. Previous knowledge of programming or 3d games is not required. This is an art class and assignments will therefore be open-ended. The focus will be on developing individual creativity and not just technical skill. There is no prerequisite.

CHM 4933 Honors Philosophy and History of Chemistry (3 credits, CRN 15419, W 4-5:20, Prof. Velkjo Dragojlovic): please note that this course is for students who have already successfully completed CHM 2045 and CHM 2046 (Gen Chem I and II).

List of Humanities/Social Science Distribution Courses without prerequisites:
Students are reminded they must take one humanities and one social science distribution course, at the Honors College, that is not being used to satisfy any other requirement. These may be any Core SBA or HUM course; the following courses have space and would count and have no prerequisites:
ANT4331 Honors Anthropology of Andes-- Corr, Rachel
ARH2000 Honors Art Appreciation--Lemeh, Dorotha
ART 4934C Honors 3D Computer Game Devt--Ruest, Annina
ECO2013 Honors Macroeconomic Principles--Nur-tegin, Kanybek
GEA2000 Honors World Geography--O'Brien, William
LIT 2040 Honors Interpretation of Drama--Harrawood, Michael
LIT4930 Honors European Renaissance-- Harrawood, Michael
IDS3930 Honors Qualitative Research Methods-- Fewkes, Jacqueline
PHI3633 Honors Biomedical Ethics-- Kennedy, Ashley
PHI4930 Hon Pol Phil Anct Greece/Rome-- Baima, Nicholas
POS1041 Honors Govt of the US-- Feinman, Ronald
POS4932 Honors Women and the Workplace-- Borman, Amy
SOP3004 Honors Social Psychology--Pauletti, Rachel
SYP4803 Honors Gender and Technology-- Njambi, Wairimu
WOH2022 Honors History of Civilization 2--Ely, Christopher

Other Notes

Wait List: The registrar will use an automatic wait list for most courses in the Honors College.  If a student registers for a course that is full, they can select a dropdown menu and click "Wait List" to be put on the wait list.  Then they will be notified by email when a space opens.  The student will have 36 hours to register for the course upon receiving the email; if they do not register in that time, they lose their spot on the wait list, and the next person on the list will be notified by email that they can register for the class within 36 hours.  Students are therefore advised to check their FAU Email account at least once a day.  Faculty still have the ability to permit a student who absolutely needs a course to register for it without being put on a wait list.

First Class Attendance:  Students who do not attend the first class of the semester without prior approval of the instructor should expect to be dropped from that course.