Concentration in Business

Students must earn a "C" or better in each course taken to fulfill a concentration requirement.


The Concentration in Business provides opportunities for students interested in eventually pursuing a career in business to take core business courses as well as interdisciplinary courses that provide perspectives and tools that are important for succeeding in business in a diverse, global environment. Students will benefit from receiving a broad liberal arts education that emphasizes writing and critical thinking skills, while getting the background in business that will prepare them for careers in business or for entering an MBA program. Students may also take advantage of the Wilkes Honors College's MBA Pathway program.

Advisory Board:

Dr. Keith Jakee
Dr. Kanybek Nur-tegin
Dr. Mark Tunick
Dr. Zachary Ferrara


Available options:
(1) Concentration in Business: Interdisciplinary Track
(2) Concentration in Business: Economics Track

Concentration In Business

Course # Course Name Credits
ECO 2023 Honors Microeconomics 3
ECO 2013 Honors Macroeconomics 3
STA 2023 Honors Introductory Statistics 3
MAC 2311* Honors Calculus I 4

Ethics Courses - Select one of the following:                                                                            PHI 3653                                                        PHI 2642                                                        POT 3021                                                      PHI 3670


Ethics of Business/Government/Society    Ethics of Social Diversity                  History of Political Theory                    Intro to Ethical Theory




ACG 2021 (Boca) Principles of Accounting I 3
ACG 2071 (Boca) Principles of Accounting II 3
MAN 3025 (Boca) Introduction to Management 
and Organizational Behavior
MAR 3023 (Boca) Marketing Management 3
FIN 3403 (Boca)** Financial Management 3
  Electives 15
 IDS 4970 Honors Thesis (two semesters) 6
  Total Credits 52


(Boca) indicates courses offered only at FAU's Boca Raton campus. These courses are offered in the Summer, Fall, and Spring semesters.
* Students may substitute MAC 1147 (Honors Pre-Calculus) but should note that some MBA programs require Calculus.
** May be replaced by FIN 3105, which is taught at the Honors College. If FIN 3105 is taken to meet this requirement it may not be counted as an Economics Elective.

For Students wishing to double concentrate in Business and Economics: No more than six credit hours of electives courses may be double-counted. Courses exempt from double-counting: Honors Intermediate Microeconomics (ECO 3101), Honors Intermediate Macroeconomics (ECO 3203), and Honors Econometrics: Applied Regression Analysis (ECO 4412).


At least 12 credits; students taking the Interdisciplinary Track must take at least 9 credits of interdisciplinary electives; students taking the Economics Track must take at least 9 credits of Economics electives.

Economics Electives

Course # Course Name Credits
ECO 3101 Honors Intermediate Microeconomics 3
ECO 3203 Honors Intermediate Macroeconomics 3
ECO 4412 Honors Econometrics: 
Applied Regression Analysis
ECO 4223 Money and Banking 3
ECP 4302 Honors Environmental Economics 3
ECS 3013 Honors International Economic Development 3
ECO 3303 Honors History of Economic Thought 3
ECO 4108 Honors Mathematical Economics: 
Advanced Microeconomics
ECP 3451 Honors Law and Economics 3
ECO 4400 Honors Industrial Organization 
and Game Theory
ECO 4531 Honors Public Finance and Public Policy 3
ECO 4532 Honors Modern Political Economy 3
ECO 4906 Honors Directed 
Independent Study in Economics
ECO 4932 Honors Special Topics 
in Economics (Writing)
FIN 3105 Honors Introduction to Saving, 
Investment and Financial Markets
REE 3005 Honors Fundamentals of Real Estate 3


Suggested Additional Courses

For Students Entering FAU's MBA Program


QMB 3600 (Boca) Quantitative Methods 3
ISM 2000 (Boca) Information Systems Fundamentals 3


Interdisciplinary Electives

Course # Course Name Credits
AMS 4333 Honors Consumerism in the U.S. 3
CPO 3003 Honors Comparative Politics 3
PSY 1012 Honors General Psychology 3
CPO 4305 Honors Latin American Politics 3
EUH 3604 Honors European Intellectual History I 3
EUH 3607 Honors European Intellectual History II 3
EVS 3403 Honors Global Environmental Issues 3
ECO 4932 Honors Behavior and Economics 3
GEO 3144C Hon. Geographic Information Systems 3
INR 2002 Honors Introduction to World Politics 3
GEO 2370 Honors Conservation 
and Use of Natural Resources
POS 1041 Honors Government of the U.S. 3
WST 3015 Hon. Introduction to Women's Studies 3
SYD 4800 Honors Gender and Society 3
PHI 3224 Honors Media Philosophy 3
INR 3102 Honors American Foreign Polich 3
MAS 2103 Honors Matrix Theory 3
PHI 2361 Honors Ways of Knowing 3
POS 2692 Honors Punishment 3
POS 3691 Honors Law and American Society 3
POS 4603 Honors Constitutional Law I 3
POT 3021 Honors History of Political Theory 3
STA 3164 Honors Intermediate Statistics 3
SOP 3004 Honors Social Psychology 3