Concentration in Biology

Students must earn a "C" or better in each course taken to fulfill a concentration requirement.

Overview and Advisory Board


The biology concentration is designed for those students who wish to go on to graduate school, medical school, or who desire to work for biotech firms, government agencies or environmental organizations. Our interdisciplinary curriculum will benefit students who choose to pursue graduate studies in biology, oceanography or environmental science.

Advisory Board: 


Note for Pre-Med students | Suggested courses for Pre-med students


Required Courses

Concentration in Biology

Course # Course Name Credits
BSC 1010, 1010L Honors Biological Principles with Lab 4
BSC 1011, 1011L Honors Biodiversity with Lab 4
CHM 2045, 2045L Honors General Chemistry I with Lab 4
CHM 2046, 2046L Honors General Chemistry II with Lab 4
MAC 2311 Honors Calculus I 
with Analytic Geometry
STA 2023 Honors Introductory Statistics 3
PHY 2048, 2048L Honors General Physics I with Lab 5
CHM 2210, 2204L Honors Organic Chemistry I with Lab 4
CHM 2211, 2205L Honors Organic Chemistry II with Lab 4
BCH 3033 Honors Biochemistry 3
PCB 3063 Honors Genetics 4
  Biology Electives 18
IDS 4970 Honors Thesis (two semesters) 6
  Total Credits 67



Biology Electives are given below. Other FAU courses may be used only with the prior approval of the Concentration Advisor. Students are reminded that they need 45 upper-level (3000 or 4000-level) credits to graduate.


Biology Electives

Course # Course Name Credits
BSC 1933 Honors Freshman Seminar 3
BSC 2085, 2085L Anatomy and Physiology 1 and Anatomy and Physiology 1 Lab 4
BSC 3452 Honors Experimental Design and Data Analysis* 3
BSC 4403L Honors Biotechnology Lab 2
BSC 4442C Honors Molecular Ecology 3
BSC 4905 Honors Directed 
Independent Study in Biology
BSC 4915 Honors Dir Ind Res in Biology 1-3
BSC 4930 Honors Environmental Field Ecology with Lab 5
BSC 4930 Honors Genomes Biology 3
BSC 4930 Honors System Neuroscience 3
BSC 4930 Honors Eukaryotic Genomes 3
BSC 4930 Honors Environmental Field Ecology 3
BSC 4930 Honors Special Topics in Biology 1-3
PSB 4243 Honors Neuroscience of Addiction 3
BSC 4930 Honors Molecular Pharmacology 3
BSC 4930 Honors Intro to Structural Molecular Biology 2
BSC 4930 Honors Biology of Fishes with Lab 4
BSC 4930 Honors Florida Ecosystem 3
BOT 3501, 3501L Honors Introduction 
to Plant Biology with Lab
EVR 4420 Honors Marine Conservation 3
EVS 4414 Honors Conservation Biology 3
MCB 3020 (w/3020L) Honors Microbiology (with Lab) 3 (4)
OCB 3012, 3012L Honors Marine Biology 
and Oceanography with Lab
GLY 4105 Honors Evolution of Life on Earth 3
PCB 3352 Honors Issues in Human Ecology 3
PCB 3411 Honors Animal Behavior 3
PCB 3703, PCB 3703L Honors Human Morphology and Function I with Lab 4
PCB 3704, PCB 3704L Honors Human Morphology and Function II with Lab 4
PCB 4102 Honors Molecular Cell Biology 3
PCB 4043 Honors Principles of Ecology 3
PCB 4102 Honors Cell Biology 4
PCB 4233 Immunology 3
PCB 4234 Honors Biology of Cancer  3
PCB 4253 Honors Developmental Biology 3
PCB 4414 Honors Behavioral Ecology 4
PCB 4673 Honors Evolution 3
PCB 4832C RI: Neurophysiolgy 3
ZOO 2303, 2303L Honors Vertebrate Zoology with Lab 4
ZOO 4556 Honors Coral Reef Ecology 3
ZOO 4742 Honors Principles of Human Neuroanatomy 3

*BSC 3452 is highly recommended for students planning to attend graduate school.

Note: Students in the Max Planck Honors Program may count Introduction to Neuroscience Research (PSB 4003, 1 credit) and two distinct MPHP Enrichment courses (1 credit each) as their 3 credit, Biology elective.


Suggested courses for Pre-med students

PHY 2049 Honors General Physics II (4 credits)
PHY 2049L Honors General Physics II Lab (1 credit)
MAC 2312 Honors Calculus II (4 credits)
Other requirements for the Biology concentration: 67 credits (see above)
Total credits: 76