Biological Anthropology

Students must earn a "C" or better in each course taken to fulfill a concentration requirement.


Biological anthropology is the study of the physical aspects of humans, primates, and their ancestors. The field of biological anthropology encompasses several areas of study including primatology, paleoanthropology, human evolution and adaptation, genetic variation, forensic and medical anthropology. The Honors College concentration in biological anthropology is designed for students who are interested in pursuing a career in medicine or who want to combine their interests in biology and anthropology. Students are encouraged to undertake an internship or study abroad program related to their specific areas of interest, such as primatology, forensics, or cross-cultural health care. Examples of internships that Honors College students have done include the Primate Enrichment Program at the Palm Beach Zoo, and the Himalayan Health Exchange study abroad program.

Students with a concentration in Biological Anthropology may pursue careers in fields such as medicine, holistic health, forensics, nutrition, biostatistics, kinesiology, biomechanics, genetic counseling and public education. Biological Anthropology concentrators who plan to attend medical school are strongly encouraged to familiarize themselves with our pre-med guidelines and take the courses required for medical school and recommended for MCAT preparation, in addition to the requirements for the biological anthropology concentration.

Concentration Board Members:
Dr. Rachel Corr
Dr. Jacqueline Fewkes
Dr. Jon Moore


Required Courses:



Course Name


ANT 2000

Honors Introduction to Anthropology


ANT 2410

Honors Culture and Society


ANT 3212

Honors Peoples Around the World


ANT 4495 or


ANT 4417

Honors Research Methods in Cultural Anthropology or

Honors Theory in Cultural Anthropology


BSC 1010, 1010L

Honors Biological Principles with Lab


BSC 1011, 1011L

Honors Biodiversity with Lab


PCB 3703, 3703L or

BSC 2085, 2085L

Honors Human Morphology and Function I and Lab or

Human Anatomy and Physiology I and Lab

PCB 3063

Honors Genetics


ANT 2511, ANT 2511L

Introduction to Biological Anthropology and Lab*


STA 2023

Honors Introductory Statistics



Honors Natural Science Electives (two from list below)



Honors Anthropology Electives (two from list below)


IDS 4970

Honors Thesis (two semesters)



   Minimum Total Credits: 53

Natural Science Electives (2 courses, totaling at least 6 credits from the following)**


Course Name


BCH 3033 Honors Biochemistry 3
BSC 3452C  Honors Experimental Design and Data Analysis 3
BSC 4442C Honors Molecular Ecology 3
BSC 4930 Honors Special Topics in Biology 1-3
CHM 4231 Honors Spectroscopy 3
CHS 4302 Honors Medicinal Chemistry 3
EVR 1001 Honors Environmental Science and Sustainability 3
GLY 4105 Honors Evolution of Life on Earth 3
MCB 3020, MCB 3020L Honors General Microbiology with Lab 4
OCB 2000 Honors Survey of Marine Biology 3
OCB 3012, OCB 3012L Honors Marine Biology ad Oceanography with Lab 4
OCE 2001 Honors Introduction to Oceanography 3
PCB 3352 Honors Issues in Human Ecology 3
PCB 3411 Honors Animal Behavior 3
PCB 3704; PCB 3704L or BSC 2086, 2086L Honors Human Morphology and Function II and Lab or Anatomy and Physiology II and Lab 4
PCB 4043 Honors Principles of Ecology 3
PCB 4102 Honors Cell Biology 3
PCB 4233 Honors Immunology 3
PCB 4234 Honors Biology of Cancer 3
PCB 4253 Honors Developmental Biology 3
PCB 4414 Honors Behavioral Ecology 3
PCB 4673 Honors Evolution 3
PSB 3340 Honors Behavioral Neuroscience 3
ZOO 2303, 2303L Honors Vertebrate Zoology with Lab 4
ZOO 4742 Honors Principles of Human Neuroanatomy 3
ZOO 4690, 4960L Vertebrate Structure Development and Evolution with Lab 4
ZOO 4373 Introduction to Animal Locomotion 3

**Note: some of these courses have additional prerequisites such as 1 or 2 years of Chemistry.

Anthropology Electives (6 credits from list)

At least one course must be from Group A:

Group A

ANT 2240

Honors Magic, Witchcraft, and Religion


ANT 3332

Honors Peoples of Latin America


ANT 4331

Honors Anthropology of the Andes


ANT 4368

Honors Himalayan Cultures


ANT 4474

Honors Development Debate S. Asia


ANT 4930

Honors Special Topics in Anthropology


ASN 3006

Honors Introduction to Asian Studies


ANT 4244

Honors Ritual and Symbolism



Group B

ANT 3586 Human Evolution 3
ANT 3516 Human Variation 3
ANT 4552 Primate Behavior 3
ANT 4520 Forensic Anthropology 3
ANT 4463 Environment and Disease 3
ANT 4192 Research Methods in Bioarchaeology 3

*Course not currently offered at the Honors College can be taken outside of the college. No more than 15% of the total coursework can be non-Honors College courses (with exception of transfer credits).