Visual Arts and Creative Writing Minor

Advisory Board:

Dorotha Lemeh
Rachel Luria

2 Art courses (6-8 credits) from the list below

2 Creative Writing Courses (6 credits) with a CRW prefix

1 Lit course (3 credits) (any upper level course with a prefix LIT, AML, ENG, ENL)

Either IDS Art and Creative Writing OR one additional Lit course (3 credits)

Total: 18-20 credits.

At least 9 of these credits shall be at the 3000 to 4000 level, at least 75% of the credits in Honors courses must be taken at FAU, and at least 50% of upper division credits must be from Wilkes Honors College courses. Students must maintain a 2.0 GPA in coursework that counts toward the minor. Students pursuing the art concentration are unable to double count any art class taken for the minor that they count for the concentration.
Note: Other courses not listed may be counted towards the minor upon approval of the minor advisory board.

Art Courses:

ART 1300C Honors Drawing I

ART 1602C Honors Photoshop

ART 2824C Honors Painting as Narrative

ART 2500C Honors Painting I

ART 2501C Honors Painting II

ART 2540C Honors Watercolor

ART 2663C Honors Multimedia Narrative Expressions

ART 3338C Honors Anatomy for the Artist & Illustrator

ART 3542C Honors Advanced Waterbased Media

ART 3617C Honors Animating the Graphic Novel

ART 3618C Honors Digital e-Magination

ART 3383C Honors Drawing as Narrative

ART 4934C Honors Introduction to Illustration

ART 4934 Honors Special Topics in Art (topics vary)

ARH 2701 Honors Still and Moving Image