All applications will require the following:

  • One-page (double-spaced) essay describing your need for scholarship support, FAU activities, educational aspirations, and career goals after graduation;
  • A letter of recommendation from an FAU faculty member;
  • Any additional documentation/materials as per the scholarship listing.


  • Scholarship funds are categorized as both departmental and general. You can read about each fund at the Scholarships link on this page. When you begin your electronic application, it will filter to the general scholarships as well as to the available scholarships connected to your department/major.
  • Assess the eligibility criteria and consider the scholarships for which you wish to apply. The maximum is three from the general category and up to three from your academic department. Please note that some academic departments do not have up to three scholarships to award.
  • Review any supplemental documentation required for the specific scholarships, and obtain your necessary materials.
  • Review the FAQ link on the main scholarship site for additional information.

When you have your materials compiled, begin your application. Please note that you can leave the application at any time and return to it prior to submitting.

Submit your application by the listed deadline.


All College of Education Scholarship applicants will be notified of a decision late in the fall semester. Students who are selected to receive a College of Education Scholarship will be required to complete a biographical information form and submit a thank you note to the donor.


Direct any scholarship application questions to

Email Us:

We thank our donors for their continuing support.