Signature Themes

Based on the strength of our faculty’s research and creative accomplishments, teaching and service to the local community as well as the dynamic community partners with whom we work, the Initiative has established five central areas of inquiry and action which we expect will grow as the Initiative develops.

Conflict, Violence and Genocide:

This theme explores the issues involved in conflict, the role of state and international organizations in promoting conflict resolution and societies deal with gross human rights violations.

Environmental Justice and Sustainability:

This theme explores the preservation of the environment and how various actors can contribute to environmental sustainability. The theme explores the role that citizens, corporations and states play in environmental protection and policies to promote sustainability.

Inequalities and Social Inclusion:

This theme focuses on issues of identity as well as socio-economic inequalities within and among states. The theme examines race, gender and how to protect socially disadvantaged.

Mindfulness and Well-Being:

Attention to the moment is a rudimentary but powerful force for peace and healing. With this idea in mind, we expect to collaborate with University colleagues to explore the underpinnings of mindful attention, including cognitive, neuroscience and behavior dimensions. The merit of mindfulness for health as well as accomplishment in academics, sports and everyday living will be considered.