PJHR committees provide a valuable source of input for faculty and staff in the programming and direction of the Initiative. The main committees for PJHR are the Advisory Committee and three operating committees (Research, Curriculum, and Programming).

  • Advisory Committee: The Advisory Committee advises the Executive Director on a variety of matters, including vision and mission, policy and direction, initiatives, fundraising strategies, and long-term planning. While final decisions rest with the Director, the Advisory Committee help to identify and achieve strategic objectives and priorities, serve as a sounding board for the Director, oversee the work of PJHR’s operating committees, and serve as ambassadors for PJHR to current and prospective stakeholders and collaborators.

  • Curriculum Committee: The Curriculum Committee is charged with oversight of the PJHR Certificate Program. The Committee evaluates all course proposals for inclusion in the Certificate and advises the Executive Director on modifications to the Program. The Committee also reviews proposals regarding graduate education.

  • Programming Committee: The Programming Committee assists the Executive Director with planning for PJHR events and other programs. The committee also reviews program proposals from internal and external sponsors and advises the Executive Director on whether the proposal should be funded. If a member has a proposal submitted to the Committee, they will recuse themselves from voting.

  • Research Committee: The Research Committee enhances the research capacity of the Initiative and assists faculty in research and professional development activities. The Committee reviews all internal PJHR research grant proposals for various programs. If a member has applied for a PJHR research grant, they will recuse themselves from voting. The Committee also advises the Executive Director on the scope and direction of PJHR research.