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Transfer Change of Entry Term Request Form

Your admission to FAU is specified for a certain semester and you must enroll during that term. If you wish to change your entry term, make your request by the stated deadline to or by submitting the "Change your Entry Date" form. Please complete the form in its entirety. All fields are required.

Please note that admissions to the initial term of entry does not guarantee admission to a future term. The Change of Entry option is not available for incoming freshman students.

 Change of Entry Term Deadlines  
Students Fall Spring Summer
Transfer July 1 Nov. 1 April 15
Returning FAU Students July 1 Nov. 1 April 15
International April 1 Oct. 1 Feb. 15


Freshman 0-11 Credits
Lower-division Transfer 12-59 Credits
Upper-division Transfer 60+ Credits
Second Bachelor's Student Bachelor's Degree