Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know who my assigned academic coach is?

Your academic coach will be listed in your Success Network. You should have also received an email from your academic coach at the beginning of the semester. If you are unsure of who your academic coach is, email to get connected to them. You can also login to your Success Network: 

Why do I have an ACCESS hold?

An ACCESS hold is placed on student accounts whose term or institutional GPA at the end of the most recent term is below a 2.0. The hold is usually applied after drop/add of the subsequent semester. Please understand that this in no way is intended to be punitive. The ACCESS Program is here to provide specialized support services to help you be more successful in your coursework.

If you are returning from suspension, you are required to meet with your assigned academic coach prior to registering. You are also required to be registered by the first day of class. If you are not registered by the first day of class you will have to sit out for the semester. This practice is in place with the intent to make sure you begin on time and are set up to be successful.

How do I remove the ACCESS hold from my account?

In order to have the ACCESS hold removed from your account, you must meet with your assigned academic coach. You should have received an email from your academic coach introducing themselves.

Is ACCESS Required?

Please refer to the University Catalog to review the requirement policy.  While ACCESS may be required depending on your academic standing, that’s a good thing! Developing the academic skills to improve in your courses is great for any student.

What happens if I do not complete the ACCESS program?

ACCESS is a program designed to support students who either want to make improvements to build on past successes or struggled with academics in their past semester(s). All of our coaches are excited and more than willing to assist students in any way needed. We strongly encourage participation in the ACCESS program. If you choose not to meet with your academic coach, the ACCESS hold will remain on your account preventing future registrations.

How can I schedule an appointment with my academic coach?

The best way to schedule a meeting with your academic coach is to login to your Success Network:  If you do not have an assigned coach, you can email to get connected to your academic coach.

My GPA is a 2.0. Why am I on academic probation?

Undergraduate students who fail to earn a 2.0 GPA on all work attempted in a term are considered to be on academic probation. This means you could have a cumulative GPA above a 2.0, but if the term for last semester was below a 2.0 you are on academic probation. Schedule a meeting with your academic coach for more information.

How do I remove my ACCESS hold?

Schedule a meeting with your assigned academic coach.

How long am I expected to work with ACCESS?

ACCESS is intended to be a one semester program designed to provide specialized support services and skill development. However, if there is a need to continue working with ACCESS before your transition to your college advisor there are options.  Please speak to your academic coach.