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Taylor Strawser

Hometown:  Reston, Virginia
College:  College of Science
Major:  Health Science
Year in school:  Senior
Interesting fact about yourself/experience: I currently work part-time as an Ophthalmic Tech/Scribe. I plan to apply to medical school after graduation.
Extra-Curricular Involvement:  I am a student-athlete for the Women's Basketball team, part of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) and a founding member of the Diversity & Inclusion Task Force for Athletes here at FAU.
Why I wanted to be a coach:  After staying on campus for the majority of the coronavirus outbreak, I found it difficult to stay connected to those around me. Campus was virtually empty, all my classes were online and trying to keep my teammates safe left me confined to my dorm most weekends. Being a Peer Academic Coach is an opportunity to stay connected with my greater FAU community and help others feel at home here as well.
Advice for being successful at FAU:  Always make an appearance. Whether its a meeting for a club you're not sure about joining, that office hours you don't think you need, or a campus event you don't know anyone at - always make an appearance. Worst case: you leave after a quick visit. Best case: you make friends or connections that will last long after graduation.

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Isabela Pullas Giraldo

Hometown:   Esmeraldas, Ecuador
College:   College of Business
Major:   M.S. in International Economics (B.B.A. in Business Economics from FAU)
Year in school:  First-year Master's student
Interesting fact about yourself/experience: Graduating as a first-generation Latina was definitely a challenging but rewarding journey. I'm a self-proclaimed multipotentialite, I enjoy learning new things whenever I get a chance. I'm currently perfecting my rollerblading technique and learning Korean. 
Extra-Curricular Involvement:  This is my second year as a Peer Academic Coach in ACCESS. I was an SI Leader/Tutor with CLASS during my senior year of undergrad. This Fall, I'll be working as a Graduate Teaching Assistant in the Economics Department. 
Why I wanted to be a coach:  I wanted to give students the support that I wish I had as a first-year student. Being a PAC taught me many lessons during my senior year, and I can't wait to share them with the incoming first-year group. 
Advice for being successful at FAU:  Be fearless and look for opportunities, and if they don't exist, create them. Try something new every once in a while, whether that is a new subject, club, cuisine, sport, genre, etc. The key to staying motivated is curiosity. Be curious about your surroundings, your possibilities, and the things you can accomplish. 

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Muhammad Rahman

Hometown:  Bangladesh
College:  College of Science
Major:  Biological Sciences & Neuroscience and Behavior
Minor: Political Science
Year in school:  Senior
Interesting fact about yourself/experience:  I think I've broken at least five controllers during online matches.
Extra-Curricular Involvement:  I spend a questionable amount of time trying new food.
Why I wanted to be a coach:  I wanted to use my time to help other students get used to the undergraduate experience. As a first generation student myself, I understand how things may seem difficult at first. I hope that  students are able to learn from this initial point and understand that they all have great potential.
Advice for being successful at FAU:  Don't feel pressured to compare yourself to others because everyone learns differently. You'll find your rhythm over time. 

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