What is a Peer Academic Coach?

A Peer Academic Coach (PAC) is either an undergraduate student or a graduate student who has been academically successful at Florida Atlantic University. Either way, PACs understand that success in college isn’t limited to having good study skills, but is also about feeling connected to campus, being able to make ends meet, finding the right balance between work and your classes, etc.

PACs can help you with: Time Management Strategies, Study Skills, Motivation, Note-taking, and FAU specific tips and advice on how to be successful here.

*Note that a PAC cannot advise you on what courses to take or answer questions about your specific degree programs. For those discussions, please schedule a academic advising meeting with your primary advisor.



Choose a Peer Academic Coach from the list below and click the corresponding schedule meeting link to find your coach's availability. If you don't see any availability listed, then try scheduling with another coach or send an email with your name, z number, and availability to  mmartinez@fau.edu.

To schedule a meeting choose one of the options below and follow the instructions for How to schedule through Navigate.

(1) Click on the PAC's personal links found in their profiles and follow the steps to set up a new appointment.



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Name: Arthi Khan
Hometown: Bangladesh
College: College of Science
Major: Neuroscience and Behavior (Minor: Biology and Psychology)
Year: Senior
Interesting fact about yourself/experience: I am originally from Bangladesh and moved to the US in my preteen years.
Extra-Curricular Involvement: I was part of pre-soma previous academic year and served as the secretary. 
Why I wanted to be a coach:  As a peer academic coach I want to be able to help other students starting out in college. I know from experience how the journey was for me and how my mentors had helped me succeed. We all face challenges but with support and guidance we can definitely overcome  difficulties and this opportunity lets me do just that. 
Advice for being successful at FAU: Surround yourself with the right people and whatever you do remember to give it your best. 
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Name: Courtney Lonergan
Hometown: Suffolk, Virgina 
College: College of Science
Major: Health Science (Minor: Spanish)
Year in school: Senior
Interesting fact about yourself/experience:  I love to travel and have been to over 10 countries!
Extra-Curricular Involvement: I am the vice president of Pre-Health ambassadors and a member of medical missions abroad. I am a certified emergency medical technician and electrocardiogram technician. 
Why I wanted to be a coach: I wanted to be a coach to be a mentor to incoming freshmen at FAU. Being an out-of-state student as well as a first-generation student, I found it very beneficial to know about the resources on FAU’s campus. I want to be able to share my experiences and help students be successful before I graduate. 
Advice for being successful at FAU: Ask questions! The only bad question is the one you do not ask. Also, networking is one of the best things you can do in college as it will open many doors you may have not considered before.
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Name: Isabella Gallo
Hometown: Plantation, FL
College: College of Business
Major: Finance
Year in school: Senior
Interesting fact about yourself/experience: I have been playing piano for 14 years and I am training to do a triathlon.
Extra-Curricular Involvement: I am the fundraiser chair for the Pre-Law Fraternity, Phi Alpha Delta, and I previously did peer mentoring for FAU High Students.
Why I wanted to be a coach: I wanted to become a Peer Academic Coach to provide as much support as I can to students. I understand how challenging college is, thus, I want to help students navigate through it all and find success in the goals they wish to accomplish.
Advice for being successful at FAU: Don't worry about not knowing what you want to do specifically in the future. College allows you to discover so many fields and opportunities, so take the time to explore as well as find something you feel passionate about and can see as something you'd love to continue developing in the future.
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Name: Kareem Clarke 
Hometown: Fort Lauderdale, Florida 
College: College of Science 
Major: Biological Sciences 
Year in school: Senior
Interesting fact about yourself/experience: I represented FAU on the gameshow Wheel of Fortune 
Extra-Curricular Involvement: SNT leader for the National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS), member of FAU's Community Service Club Public Relations Committee, and volunteer notetaker Student Accessibility Services 
Why I wanted to be a coach: This is my dream college job. One of my happiest college moments was helping a classmate pass a class that the professor told her that she would fail. I have a plethora of experiences that have made me a better college student. I would love to share some of that knowledge with other university students who might need it. 
Advice for being successful at FAU: Proper time management is key. Take advantages of all the resources offered, including tutoring. Set aside time for extra-curricular activities and hobbies. Take care of your physical and mental health. 
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Name: Rachel "Rae" Zuckerman
Hometown: Gainsville, FL. 
College: College of Science
Major: Biological Sciences
Year in school: Junior
Interesting fact about yourself/experience: This last summer I spent a month in the Middle East exploring Israel, I love anything outdoors or water activities. 
Career Goals: I want to be a marine biologist ecologist to work with an organization that works with conservation, rescue, and research. 
Why I wanted to be a coach: I wanted to be a coach to be able to give back to the students and community. I have always loved meeting people and learning their stories, being a coach has given me such a gift by meeting so many students and hearing their stories. 
Advice for being successful at FAU: Try something new, ieven if it scares you. Think about what you want for yourself and what FAU can do to make that happen. It is your life, your one time on this earth, make your life something you're proud of. 

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