ACCESS Testimonials

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The ACCESS Program has made an incredible impact on my time here at FAU. It gave me the support I desperately needed in a time when I felt that finishing another semester seemed beyond my reach. While every situation is different, my situation seemed truly impossible at the time. I was told by a professor that I was "standing at the edge of a cliff" and I really felt that things couldn't get any worse. Then I signed my contract with the ACCESS Program and everything changed. Jess Tuck provided an incredible amount of emotional support and gave me the tools I needed. I am so thankful that this program exists. Every part of this program was devoted to making me successful at FAU. This program not only helped me stay here at FAU but also gave me my confidence and drive back. Words truly cannot express how grateful I am for the amazing members of this program. I am proud to say that I finished my semester with ACCESS with a 3.8 GPA thanks to each aspect that this program has to offer.

The ACCESS program was phenomenal in that there was always someone available to help me progress as a student here at  FAU. During the semester, I was handing in my assignments, and thus, my stress levels were way down. In previous semesters, I wasn't attending my classes, nor was I completing assignments. This was leading to utter failure in a majority of my classes. ACCESS helped me turn it around, and I finished with over a 3.0 GPA.

ACCESS was a great program! It helped save my college career and helped me figure out what I wanted to do with my life. The tutoring was extremely beneficial and all my tutors were understanding and helpful in any situation I had. I would recommend this program to anyone who needs help or feels that they are no longer in control of their success.

The ACCESS Program was like the answer to a long awaited prayer. I knew that the path I was on of poor attendance, procrastination and nonchalant attitudes would finally catch up to me and it did. I logged on to MyFAU and I was dropped from all the classes I was previously registered for and I cried. I knew that these bad grades in no way showed who I was. College was where I belong. I was always motivated and hard working. So when ACCESS advisor Jess Tuck told me that I had a final chance to prove I belonged here I was ecstatic. Throughout the whole process he acted like no other advisor before and believed in my progress at FAU. Motivation was an understatement to what this program offered me. It gave me the life I loved back. Not only was there one advisor but a team that made me feel at home. Even my tutors and I developed a one on one relationship. What I enjoyed most about this program was the support that I received from everyone as well as the help that was given. Overall, I feel that in today's world a college degree is a necessity to live and have a good life. The ACCESS program gave me the opportunity to have that life again versus previous semesters there is no comparison. I am even glad that I have the chance to continue as an ACCESS student. What I learned most from this experience as an ACCESS student is that no one can live your life for you but you, and with all the great opportunities that college provides, you need to take advantage.

The ACCESS Program helped me focus solely on school more than I have in previous semesters. They gave me the knowledge and help needed to have a successful semester. The sources I got to experience have given me easier access to guidance when I feel I need it most. FAU as a school wants all of their students to succeed and sometimes one on one student to mentor, teacher, or TA is not easily available. Even after the program all participants in the ACCESS program are willing to lend a hand if you speak up and ask for it. I now know what I want to major in and have a better focus on school and my future at FAU. ACCESS Program help me find a real reason to take classes and take them seriously. Taking classes you find no real reason for will sometimes decrease your motivation to do well in them. Thank you ACCESS program for the guidance and help you have provided.

The ACCESS Program gave me that extra push to move forward. It helped me improve my grades, studying habits and time management. In the semester that I was in the ACCESS Program I finally felt accountable for my grades and progress in my courses since I had advisors and staff that were constantly checking on my progress. This program even helped me decide my chosen major with the help of other school programs such as career advising. This was the second opportunity that I needed to learn how to be successful in school and life. Skills learned through the advisors in the ACCESS program I will carry and apply not only in school work but in my everyday life in the future.

The ACCESS Program has helped improve my academic standing this year greatly. Being able to have access to the tutor programs has really given me a better understanding of homework and even gives me more courage to ask questions on things I don't know.

The ACCESS Program kept me in check with my schoolwork, grades, and other school issues. The program was just the first step back to a full year of a 3.25 GPA and 30 credits. My personal advisor, Nick, was very flexible to my schedule and even helped me create it. This program is vital for all students who are in need of a change in their grades, priorities, and a new attitude towards school. It worked for me.