Out of State Tuition Waiver (Non- FL resident)

State and Federal law extends the Out of State (OOS) waivers to students whom are Honorably discharged veteran of the U.S Armed Forces, the U.S Reserve Forces, and the National Guard, Eligible veteran dependents and spouse and dependents of active duty service members using V.A. educational benefits.


  1. Veteran OOS Tuition Waiver program for Florida colleges and universities:
  1. Is classified as a tuition waiver
  2. It exempts eligible students from being held to the 12-month residency rule for Out-of-State students
  3. It cannot be granted to students who live outside of Florida except in the case of active duty service members
  4. It requires documentation that students who receive the waiver reside in Florida, again except in the case of active duty service members and/or the spouse and dependents of active duty service members

The OOS tuition waiver is applicable as long as the student physically reside in Florida during their time in school, regardless of the student’ state of residency. The waiver program also includes active duty members of the U.S. Armed Forces residing or stationed outside of Florida. Members stationed in or living in Florida may established residency under the FAU Registrar. 


Note:  The waiver does not change the students’ residency status, it only waives the Out of State fees for the term. Students will continue to be classified as Non-Florida Resident and charged OOS fees until they established residency through the registrar department at FAU. 

  1. MVSSC Out of State Tuition Waiver Form
    1. The form may be completed 30 days before the start of the semester
    2. The V.A. Enrollment Certification Request form must be complete and submitted before submitting the OOS waiver form. 
    3. Only submit a request for the current term 

The instructions and documents to be uploaded are outlined in the form. **The form will not be processed without all substantiating documents being included with the submission. (Required/repeat with each semester)

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 Last Modified 6/14/21