What We Do


  • Provide advice & guidance during the “concept and planning” stage of a grant proposal
  • Edit & provide feedback on proposals to improve the written quality (logic, flow, grammar)
  • Offer workshops & seminars on specific types of grant proposals


  • Write “boilerplate” documents for grant proposals
  • Provide standard data for grant proposals
  • Contribute proposal content in specialized cases


  • Identify specialized funding sources tailored to faculty interests
  • Review funding announcements for eligibility and fit
  • Manage the Limited Submission process for the University


  • Suggest potential internal and external collaborators to form a research team
  • Identify outreach opportunities to strengthen proposals (such as for NSF Broader Impacts)
  • Host research interest groups/other events to build strategic research teams and themes
  • Connect you with DoR professionals who can help maximize the commercial impact of your research