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Andres Ramirez

Andrés Ramírez, co-chair

Andrés Ramírez, Ph.D., is an assistant professor in the Department of Curriculum, Culture, and Educational Inquiry. His research explores culturally and linguistically responsive pedagogies that promote the literacy and language development of Emergent to Advanced Bilingual students. He teaches courses in TESOL education, curriculum theory, systemic functional linguistics and critical discourse analysis. Ramírez's commitment to the cause of Latinx and other linguistic and cultural minorities is perhaps best expressed through the following thought, quoted in one of his writings.

“I long for the day when the accomplishments of Latinos and other linguistic and cultural minorities in the United States are so vast and quotidian that celebrating them would almost seem redundant and unnecessary. The good that is an intrinsic part of the ordinary fabric of an equitable society is not often celebrated boisterously, it is simply enjoyed, cherished, and built upon for the benefit of all future generations.”

Aria Vasquez-Colina

María Vásquez-Colina, co-chair

María Vásquez-Colina, Ph.D., is an associate professor in the Department of Educational Leadership and Research Methodology. Her research focuses on assessment literacy, classroom assessment and the scholarship of teaching research methodology. She teaches courses on measurement, statistics and research methodology at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Vásquez-Colina is committed to create and support learning exchanges to help increase assessment literacy and assessment awareness, with a special interest in minorities including the Hispanic and Latinx community. She is originally from Peru and speaks fluent English, Spanish and French.

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  • Erik Engeberg, Ocean & Mechanical Engineering
  • Andrea Guzman-Oliver, Associate Vice President for Student Outreach & Diversity
  • Elizangela Galindo, Department of Educational Leadership and Research Methodology
  • John Hardman, Educational Leadership & Research Methodology
  • Koray Karabina, Math
  • David Kelly, Associate Director, FAU High School
  • María Larrondo Petrie, Computer & Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
  • Ximena Levy, Assistant Director, Human Research Protections Program for Research Integrity
  • Oge Marques, Computer & Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
  • Edward Pratt, Dean of Undergraduate Students
  • Monica Rosselli, Psychology
  • Cristobal Salinas, Educational Leadership & Research Methodology
  • Dilys Schoorman, Chair, Department of Curriculum, Culture and Educational Inquiry, President, Florida Chapter of the National Association For Multicultural Education
  • Nancy Kason Poulson, Professor of Spanish and Latin American Studies, Director of Graduate Studies Department of Languages, Linguistics, and Comparative Literature
  • Nancy Romance, Professor, Co-PI: Title III USDOE HSI STEM Articulation Project
  • Naelys Luna, Director and Professor at Phyllis and Harvey Sandler School of Social Work
  • Manny J. González, Associate Professor and Doctoral Program Coordinator at Phyllis and Harvey Sandler School of Social Work

Other interested faculty include: