Scholarship Activities

Collaborations between the OIPE&P and faculty from across FAU and other institutions have resulted in various scholarly publications, conference presentations, as well as  grant applications. Below is a list of the scholarship developed by our office in the past:

Bamdas, J.A., Luna, N., & Jacomino, M. (2019). An exploration of social work and medical students’ perceptions towards interprofessional education and

        collaborative practice (IPEC) programming. Submitted to Advances in Social Work. 

Eggenberger, T., Howard, H., Prescott, D., & Luck, G. (2019). Exploring quality of life in end-of-life discussions. American Journal of Hospice & Palliative Medicine,

        37(6), 465-473.

Eggenberger, T. & Keller, K. Using the Lens of Caring Science to Transform Interprofessional Communication: Overcoming the Impact of Hidden Curriculum.

        Global Alliance for Human Caring Education. Victoria, BC, October 1, 2019. Workshop.

Eggenberger, T., Keller, K., & Leavitt, M. A. Advancing Interprofessional Team Communication: Overcoming the Impact of Hidden Curriculum. 40th Annual

         International Association for Human Caring (IAHC) Conference. Greenville, SC, May 30, 2019. Workshop.

Eggenberger, T., Luck, G.R., Howard, H. & Prescott, D.E. (2019). Advanced directives and family practice: Implications and ethics for “greying” family systems and

         interdisciplinary collaboration. Journal of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, 32(1), 1-28.

Eggenberger, T., Millender, E., Drowos, J., & France, N.E.M. (2019). Interprofessional education and practice guide: Developing interprofessional community-based

         clinical experiences, Cogent Medicine, 6(1), 1-10.

Jacomino, M., Bamdas, J. M., Keller, K., Hamlin, E., Hawkins, M., Gordon, S., & Ouslander, J. G. (2015). An innovative interprofessional education program for

        university medical, nursing, and social work students learning in teams during sessions and visits with geriatric mentors. Journal of Interprofessional

        Education  & Practice 1(3-4),  100- 103.

Millender, E., Valentine, K., Eggenberger, T., Lucier, C., Sandala, H., & Bruneau, D. (2020). Implementing interprofessional collaboration to improve patient

         outcomes: A caring and social approach to integrated nurse-led community based-care. International Journal for Human Caring, 24(1), 39-49.

Park, J., Hawkins, M., Hamlin, E., Hawkins, W., & Bamdas, J. M. (2014). Developing positive attitudes toward interprofessional collaboration among students in

         the health care professions. Educational Gerontology 40(12), 894-908.

Principal Investigator: Eggenberger, T. Co-PI: Keller, K. The effects of 12-lead electrode misplacement: Development of an interprofessional culture to mitigate 12

         lead errors. American Association Critical Care Nurses. Submitted on November 1, 2019. (Requested award $47,380).

Sehgal, M., Nassetta, K. R., Bamdas, J. A. M., & Sourial, M. (2019). First do no “pharm”: Educating medical and pharmacy students on the essentials of

         medication management. Currents in Pharmacy Teaching and Learning, 11(9), 920-927.

Sourial, M., Bamdas, J. M., Costanzo, C., & Ishak, M. (2016). A Need for Greater Collaboration: Initiatives to Improve Transitions of Care. Bryan, V., and Bird, J.L.

        (Eds.). (2017). Healthcare community synergism between patients, practitioners, and researchers. Hershey, PA: Information Science Reference.

Suragarn, U., Luck, G.,  Jacomino, M., & Goldstein, M. (2019). Implementing a community-based interprofessional learning program. Submitted to Journal of

         Interprofessional Education and Practice.