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Improve Your Writing, Presentations, Coursework, and Research


PELS courses are offered to all international, multilingual, and multidialectical students enrolled in a graduate or undergraduate degree at FAU. Our courses help students succeed in their current courses, research papers, theses and dissertations, articles for publication, grant proposals, and even graduate and workplace applications. PELS courses are free and, although not required, are self-selected by students who want to excel in their writing and oral skills. Students work in small cohorts of peers, under the guidance of an experienced instructor, on their current or upcoming projects, and make progress towards their degree goals. 

If you have any questions on PELS courses please email Dr. Claudia Amadori


  •  All FAU multilingual domestic and international undergraduate, graduate and professional students who are currently active degree-seeking students can apply. 
  • Students must register to be admitted to a PELS course. Please see ANNOUNCEMENTS for course offerings.
  • PELS Courses are 7-week non-credit bearing courses. Students will receive a certificate of participation at the end of the course.   
  • Attendance is required (maximum 2 absences allowed for courses that meet twice a week, one absence for courses that meet once a week). Students who stop attending will not be allowed to enroll in future PELS courses.  The student's advisor/chair might also be notified.  
  • PELS courses might be delivered in person or remotely (synchronically) via Zoom. Students will be notified of the delivery method prior to the beginning of the course.
  • For a list of PELS courses for undergraduate students see PELS Undergraduate Courses 
  • For alist of PELS coursesfor graduate students see PELS Graduate Courses