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PELS strives to meet the needs of graduate and professional students. We are also working to extend the program to multilingual undergraduate students at FAU. 

The PELS program aims to support international and domestic multilingual students through the duration of their degrees by providing effective instruction in writing, and oral skills. The skills students develop by taking PELS courses and workshops will enable them to more successfully complete their degree programs, become better communicators, and distinguish themselves as scholars by being awarded grants and scholarships, and having their writing and research published.

PELS helps international and domestic multilingual students to navigate the job market, prepare for interviews, and attain positions in their fields.

PELS creates a sense of community among our multilingual students, increasing retention and helping students succeed as members of the community and beyond the classroom.

Your donations will allow us to make a difference. We use funds to hire instructors and peer tutors who specialize in second language acquisition and writing specific to different fields of study. We provide training to PELS dedicated faculty and tutors and purchase materials to support instruction. Our funds are also used to offer professional development and faculty workshops university-wide.

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