PELS Program Objectives Banner
Resources for Students and Faculty


PELS will help multilingual and multidialectical students to:

  • Enrich reading, writing, and speaking abilities to meet their academic goals and professional expectations in their fields
  • Enhance confidence in their communication abilities
  • Develop a sense of community and collegiality with other students and faculty
  • Enrich university practices through their knowledge and diverse experiences
  • Enhance their awareness of resources available to them to achieve their goals


PELS will help faculty to:

  • Support students to advance their professional communication abilities
  • Gain cross-cultural insights to help them better engage diverse students in the classroom
  • Expand their knowledge of global English


PELS will help FAU to:

  • Better prepare multilingual and multidialectical students for professional work in their fields
  • Meet and exceed key performance indicators (KPI) and other metrics
  • Enhance resources and support to help grow its multilingual student body
  • Increase growth funding
  • Expand the university’s recruiting potential
  • Further the impact of student publications and grants