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Program Description

The Certified Student Leader program is an immersive experience that seeks to recognize and strengthen the leadership capacity of students while providing leadership and service opportunities for self-awareness and growth. These opportunities may be tailored to students' interests, many of which are offered over the course of the academic year. This program must be completed in one academic year.

Students can enroll in the program at the beginning of every semester (Aug.24 – Sept.30). This is an ideal opportunity for students to learn about leadership while allowing for the flexibility to accommodate their busy lives and schedules. Students who complete the program and are in good academic standing will receive a certificate and will have the certification notated on their academic transcript. Questions about the program? Email: leadandserve@fau.edu.

Orientations will start the week of Sept. 25 and Oct 2.

Students must submit their application of interest to have an orientation.

The Tracks that we offer through the Certified Student Leader program are Standard, Career, and Global.

Standard Track: Enhancing leadership knowledge, application, and skills through a variety of leadership and service-based opportunities.

Career Development Track: Align leadership and service experiences with career aspirations, connect with potential employers and more!

*This track is in collaboration with the Career Center.

Global Track: Align leadership and service with global impact, gain self-awareness to be a change agent in a global society and more! *This track is in collaboration with the Center for Global Engagement.

For more information, email leadandserve@fau.edu.

Let's Chat! (for currently enrolled students)

Office of LEAD will offer “CSL Office Hour” on the Boca Raton Campus, starting in September for enrolled CSL students. Feel free to set up an appointment or stop by the LEAD Office, SS-8 room 224.

To set up an appointment email jizagui2@fau.edu. *If you are an enrolled CSL student on a partner campus (Broward or Jupiter), please connect with your partner campus liaison for more info.

Francine Coker at fcoker1@fau.edu for the Broward Campuses
Michael Russo at russom@fau.edu for the Northern Campuses



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