Volunteer Fair

For more information on the Volunteer Fair, please contact the Office of LEAD

The Volunteer Fair is hosted by the Weppner Center each year and seeks to connect FAU students to the many community agencies that work every day to address a variety of social issues. Community agencies join us for the day to network promote their agency, and educate students on the ways that they can become change agents in the community.

Over the years, the event has been held on the FAU Boca Raton campus' Breezeway and featured up to 25 community agencies that represented a variety of social issues, including:

  • Elderly Care
  • Health Care
  • Child/Youth/Social Care
  • Poverty
  • Animals and the Environment

For more information on ways that you can get involved in your community, and opportunities to serve, please visit our  Volunteer Involvement  opportunities page. There you will find a range of community partners, date-specific opportunities, as well as ongoing and non-date specific opportunities.