Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

The Mission of the Office of Leadership Education And Development (LEAD) is to invest in students to become change agents. 

This occurs through programs and services that empower students to lead and serve their communities, in and out of the classroom. 

Our Vision

We are a premier Center that engages leaders of all kinds who create positive ripples in their communities.

Our Values

Empowerment, Learning, Leadership, Service, Community

The following define our identity and how we live these values.

  • We strive to  empower  students to realize their potential and know they are leaders who can make a difference to better themselves, their spheres of influence and society.
  • We believe leadership is  learned  and it is a  process. Leadership is a relationship. To  lead  and  serve  effectively, one must establish their brand with integrity, service and character.
  • Our purpose is to provide  leadership  and  service  opportunities that aid in the development of active citizens. We will connect with the  global community  to enhance  mutual benefit  and promote  positive change. 


Our Guiding Principles

Know The LEAD Office guides Owls to discover knowledge garnered from curricular and co-curricular experiences to build a foundation for self-awareness.

  • For example - What are values as a concept and why are they important to the leadership and service process?

Be The LEAD Office enables Owls to process knowledge for self-discovery to create their purpose, cause or beliefs.

  • For example - Now that a student understands what values are, they clarify their own values.

Do The LEAD Office motivates Owls to align knowing and being through demonstrating their purpose and competencies developed through lead and serve programs in their communities as measured through reflection after the fact or, post-action.

  • For example - Now that a student understands what values are and can articulate their own, they align their action with their values and go out in to the world showcasing this through their work. 

Inspire – The LEAD OFfice encourages Owls who are competent in demonstrating Know. Be. Do. to mobilize others in their communities to create positive change.

  • For example - By walking their talk, others are inspired to begin exploring walking their own talk.