Course offerings for Summer/Fall 2020

LDR 2010 - Introduction to Leadership (Distance Learning & In-Person)

LDR 4104 - Theories of Leadership (Distance Learning)

LDR 3115 - Contemporary Issues in Leadership (Distance Learning)

LDR 4204 - Ethics and Power in Leadership

LDR 4366 - Facilitation and Group Development 

LDR 4951 - Capstone Seminar on Leadership (spring only)



Leadership Studies Minor Mixer
Student Leader Panel - 3.26.18


Advising Guide


How to Declare Your Leadership Studies Minor 

  • You need to  DECLARE  a major  BEFORE  declaring any minor.   
  • EVALUATE Your Current Academic Standing: Students may pursue a minor only if the requirements for that minor can be completed without extending the anticipated graduation date. 
  • If your academic standing allows for you to declare a minor and you have sincere interest in exploring and/or declaring a Leadership Studies Minor, please set up a  CONSULTATION.  The purpose of this meeting is to explore the skills and competencies gained by completing this minor and learn about the requirements.  GATHER  information about the minor or contact
  • Your final step will be to  COMPLETE  the  Undergraduate Major/Minor Change Form   to officially declare the Leadership Studies minor and complete a Minor Checklist to plan when you will take your courses. In order to do this you will need to meet with your college advisor.
    • Schedule an appointment  with your College advisor if you have earned over 45 credit hours and have a declared major.


What is the Leadership Studies Minor?

It is a stimulating 16-credit interdisciplinary program that deepens students’ understanding of leadership while giving them hands-on opportunities for dynamic leader development.

Do I have to be a leader to take the classes?

Great question; however the answer is no! These classes will inspire you to realize your leadership potential and equip you with knowledge for working with others and leading our world.  

Contact Information 


Cristobal Salinas Jr., Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Leadership Studies Minor Faculty Coordinator

Educational Leadership Research Methodology

ED47-245, Boca Raton