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FAU Procedures for Reporting to the BOG

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Analysis (IEA) at Florida Atlantic University (FAU) follows the Board of Governor’s (BOG) processes and procedures for data submission. Programmers and other administrative staff across campus upload the data files into the application portal and run edits using the BOG software. A designated employee in IEA completes the final submission after correction or explanation of the error warnings. Following are the procedural steps taken before submitting the files to BOG:

  • BOG/IRM provides public access to both Data Request Reports (downloadable request documentation and forms) and Due Dates Master Calendar on their website.
  • Data requests are distributed electronically via email by the Florida Board of Governors (BOG) IRM office to the FAU Data Administrator (Institutional Effectiveness & Analysis). Routine (recurring) data requests may only be posted on the BOG Data Requests System (DRS) and Information Requests System (IRS).
  • IEA is responsible for reviewing the BOG DRS/IRS, identifying FAU reporting responsibilities, ensuring that the appropriate Report Respondent has received notification of the data request and providing if needed, any BOG transmitted data and/or spreadsheets.
  • IEA maintains a spreadsheet referred to as the IEA BOG Data Request List & SUDS Data Request Calendar. Each BOG/SUDS data request is assigned a Report Respondent. The spreadsheet is updated on an ongoing basis and is available on the IEA website.
  • The Report Respondent is responsible for the timely and accurate completion of the report. IEA will provide assistance as necessary.
  • When the Report Respondent has completed the response, it is submitted electronically to IEA via email. IEA is responsible for the upload and submittal via the BOG PORTAL. The data request status on the IEA BOG Data Request List will be updated to IN.
  • The Report Respondent is responsible for maintaining a copy of the filed report. IEA is responsible for maintaining a copy of the submission.
  • Data File submissions are via the State University Data System (SUDS). IEA is the FAU security manager for SUDS. Respondent must ensure:
  1. all required data are uploaded from the \iea\bog submissions secure transfer drive and edited;
  2. all reports have been reviewed to ensure the accuracy of the reported data. Functional areas are responsible for the development and maintenance of error checking reports and to identify errors as they occur. Data cleanup should be an ongoing process rather than a last-minute activity that could lead to a delayed or inaccurate submission;
  3. if applicable, all level 9 edit errors (critical) explanation have been entered in the appropriate EXPLAIN area provided within the SUDS system;
  4. complete the IEA SUDS Submission form which certifies that the data files represent the position of the University for the reporting period and officially notifies IEA that a SUDS submission is available for review/submittal.
  5. IEA is responsible for reviewing the submission, notifying the submitter of any problems with the submission, providing assistance if necessary, and officially submitting data via SUDS.
  • The Data Administrator and the Report Respondent are responsible for any corrections and resubmissions that may be required and will follow the same procedures listed above.

  • PAST DUE Data Requests: the Report Respondent will notify IEA that the response will be late, providing an explanation for the late response and an expected completion date. IEA will notify the Florida Board of Governors.