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Do I need to return to work on July 12, 2021(Staff) and August 16, 2021(Faculty)? 

Yes, all COVID-19 Remote Work Agreements (RWA) will no longer be valid effective July 12, 2021 for Staff and August 16, 2021 for Faculty.  Employees will be required to come back to their pre-covid work arrangement.


Will I need to complete a new Remote Work Agreement (RWA) until July 12 (Staff) or Aug 16 (Faculty) if mine expires the end of the Spring semester?

No, you will not need to submit a new RWA.  You will need to speak with your supervisor to determine if they agree to extend your RWA until July 12 or Aug 16.


I have a disability or medical condition, do I need to fill out a new Remote Work Agreement (RWA) for the Summer or Fall?

No. If you are an employee with a qualified disability under the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) and are requesting accommodation, you may begin the request process online or contact the Office of Equity and Inclusion if you need assistance.


What do I need to do if I or someone I live with has symptoms or test positive for COVID-19?

Please contact Student Health Services (SHS) at 561-297-3215.


If Student Health Services (SHS) indicates that I have to isolate or quarantine, do I have to use my sick time?

You may work remotely (if approved by your supervisor) for the time that you need to isolate or quarantine.  However, if you are unable to work remotely or too sick to work then you can use your sick leave.If you have exhausted all leave, you may request leave from the COVID-19 Leave Donation Plan, if applicable.  Otherwise, you will need to enter unpaid time off in Workday.


 Last Modified 5/7/21