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COVID-19 Alternative Work Arrangement

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What does it mean to work remotely?

When working remotely, an employee’s regular duties and responsibilities are performed from home or another off-site location. Employees are to remain connected to secured systems during working hours and follow all university policies, regulations and procedures related to access, data security and data confidentiality.

I have OPS, hourly, and student employees on my team. Are they able to work remotely?

Some of those employees perform work that can be done remotely, as approved by the supervisor and depending on the needs of the department. Please remember hourly employees must input their worked hours in Workday in order to get paid. If they are not able to enter their hours themselves, they need to contact their department’s timekeeper for assistance. Additional hours involving overtime must be approved in advance by the supervisor.

 As a supervisor, how can I make sure I manage remote employees effectively?

Remote work arrangements work best when employees and supervisors communicate clearly about expectations. A set schedule and communication plan should be identified. Supervisors should tell employees how often to send updates and what those updates should include. Supervisors should also communicate how quickly they expect employees to respond and the best ways for employees to contact the supervisor while working remotely. Current performance standards are expected to be maintained by all employees.

What are the expectations of an employee working remotely?

Employees are expected to be readily available by phone or email during working hours and follow the work schedule identified in the COVID-19 Alternative Work Arrangement form. Employees are expected to participate in telephone or WebEx meetings and perform their job duties.

Where do I find the COVID-19 Alternative Work Arrangement form?

The form is found in Workday. In your search bar type “create request”, in the next search box type: COVID to locate the form titled: COVID-19 Alternate Work Arrangement- Self Report.

What if the employee is not able to log into WD to complete the COVID-19 Alternative Work Arrangement form?

Contact Human Resources at 561-297-3072 or for assistance.

If I already completed the paper form, do I also need to complete the COVID-19 Alternative Work Arrangement form in WD?

No, your paper form will be loaded into Workday so there is no requirement to complete it again.

Can my supervisor assign me additional duties while working remotely?

Yes, supervisors must make sure employees are fully engaged during the hours they will be working remotely. If it is determined that an employee’s regular duties will not be sufficient for the period of time they will be telecommuting, special projects can be assigned as needed.

If the duties change, do I need to submit a new COVID-19 Alternative Work Arrangement form in WD?

No, that information should be kept at the supervisor level and only sent to HR if requested. This is a fluid situation and your duties are subject to change along the way.

Are there any best practices for working remotely?

  1. Develop a work plan/arrangement to include day to day activities, special projects and priorities.
  2. Identify collaboration methods to utilize for teamwork.
  3. Perform regular assessment of the work plan/arrangement and work with remote- working employee to revise, as needed.
  4. Set meeting schedules and utilize remote working tools, such as WebEx, MS Teams, telephone, etc.

If I have more than one supervisor, do they all need to sign the form?

Yes, they all need to acknowledge your working remotely status.



 Last Modified 2/26/21