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Academic Services                   

The Mentoring Project                                 

561-297-4809 |   mentoring@fau.edu   |   http://www.fau.edu/mentoringproject

Location: GS-209

Social Media Links:   Facebook   and   Instagram

Connect with a student/faculty/staff that will help you with your transition to FAU. After a semester at FAU: YOU will have the opportunity to mentor other students.


Class & Tutoring                     

561-297-0906 |   stay@fau.edu   |   http://www.fau.edu/CLASS/

Location: GS-223

Social Media Links:   Facebook   and   Twitter

Don’t wait until you need academic support…start tutoring early during the semester! Spend time with CLASS Academic Support Leaders in the following ways: Review Course Content, Learn Study Techniques, Break down Difficult Concepts, and ASK LOTS OF QUESTIONS.

Looking for an on-campus job?  Do you have a 3.0 or higher GPA? Do you feel comfortable in tutoring in a subject area course that you have earned an A- or higher?  If you answered yes to all three questions, then you can apply to become a tutor through CLASS! For more information, visit www.fau.edu/class.


Career Center                          

561-297-3533 |   career@fau.edu   |   http://www.fau.edu/career/

Location:   SU 80, Room 220

Social Media Links:   Facebook   ,   Instagram   and   Twitter

Do you need help finding jobs/internships/creating or modifying your resume/cover letter? The career center can help you with that, and even help you find careers related to your major! Our same-day career advising hours are 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.



561-297-3760 |   https://www.fau.edu/library/

Location: LY-3

Social Media Links:   Facebook   ,   Instagram   and   Twitter

Perfect space to work with friends, check out books, find resources, get help, and study. We hope this is where you will spend the most time at FAU!






Student Advising   [undergraduates]                     

561-297-3064 |   advisingservices@fau.edu   |   http://www.fau.edu/uas/

Location:SU 80, Room 201

Social media links:   Facebook   ,   Instagram   , and   Twitter

Know what classes you should take? Do you want to change your major? Learn how to calculate your GPA? Help with your classes? The University Advising Services is here to help!


School for Graduate Studies

561-297-3624 |   GraduateCollege@fau.edu   |   http://www.fau.edu/graduate/

Location: SU 80, Room 101

Social media links:   Facebook   and   Twitter

Do you want feedback on your thesis or dissertation? Want the chance to win a scholarship? Check out their Three-minute thesis competition and their newsletter to learn about their events.



Campus Life

Parking Services

561-297-2771         |   faupark@fau.edu   |   fau.edu/parking

Location:   SU80   Student Support Services - Lobby

Social media links:   Facebook   ,   Twitter   , and   Instagram

Anyone parking on campus is REQUIRED to have a permit. All permits are to be obtained online.

However, if anyone is in need of assistance or directions we have computers and printers to support anyone who needs clarity or direction. All registered students are eligible for a permit…Citations for No Permit are $25. Don’t let this happen to you.



Housing and Residential Life

561-297-2880 |   housing@fau.edu   |   http://www.fau.edu/housing/

Location: Bldg. 46

Social media links:   Facebook   and   Twitter

Do you want to get the full FAU experience? Do you want to be worry free when it comes to your housing? Not responsible for roommate’s payments, finding furniture, and driving to class? Sign up now to live on campus!


Office of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs                                                     

561-297-3959 |   multiculturalaffairs@fau.edu   |   http://www.fau.edu/diversity/

Location: UN-31, Room 206

Social media links:   Facebook   ,   Twitter   , and   Instagram

Diversity matters! Do you want to learn more about different cultures, try new foods, learn about spirituality? This is the place to go! And remember #DiversityMattersFAU


Lead & Serve                           

561-297-3607 |   leadandserve@fau.edu   |   http://www.fau.edu/leadandserve/

Location: SS-8, Room 224

Social media links:   Facebook   ,   Twitter   , and   Instagram

"Lead and Serve" helps students to become change agents! Connect with us to start or deepen your journey of leadership development and service.  



Student Accessibility                

561-297-3880 |   tjuleseus2013@health.fau.edu   |   http://www.fau.edu/sas/

Location: SU-80, Room 133

Social Media Link:   Facebook

Do you need academic accommodations? Are you aware of Assistive Technology that can enhance your academic success? Student accessibility is here to help you. You can also apply to become a volunteer.



Student Involvement               

561-297-4700 |   involvement@fau.edu   |   http://www.fau.edu/involvement/

Location:UN-31, Room 203

Social media link:   Facebook

Do you want to get involved on campus, be part of a student group, and enjoy the full college experience?! Check out the office of Student Involvement!


Student Union                          

561-297-3730 |   http://www.fau.edu/studentunion/

Location: UN-31

Social media link:   Facebook

Perfect place to spend time with friends, play video games, listen to music, or just relax between classes! They also have ping-pong table, scantrons (2   nd   floor), and video games. This is the location of Student Government offices, Council of Student Organizations and Office of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs.


Owl Card Center


Location: Student Union - Suite 128

The OWL Card is a gateway to retail and services at Florida Atlantic University. All students are required to obtain one, as it serves as your official photo identification, Owl Bucks card, library card, residence hall building key, meal card for those who have meal plans, and your ticket to many FAU events, including sporting events. You will need to present your OWL card to receive the benefits of the many services offered at FAU. The OWL card is also recommended for FAU faculty and staff.




561-297-2041 |   bizservices@fau.edu


This is where you can get your textbooks, buy a snack, and stock up on FAU merch! Go OWLS!


University Registrar

561-297-3050   |   fau.edu/registrar

Social Media:   Facebook

Location: Student Support Services - Suite 145

The Office of the University Registrar is available to assist you with:

  • Checking your schedule of classes and how to drop and add courses.
  • The submission or resubmission of a Consent to Release Student Record Information ( FERPA) form; and
  • Verify Florida residency classification for tuition purposes and steps necessary to submit for reclassification, if warranted.

Health and Wellness       

Health Services                         

561-297-3512 |   http://www.fau.edu/shs/

Location: Bldg. SU 80, Rm. 240

Social media links:   Facebook   and   Instagram

Here is where you should go if you are not feeling well. You can also get information about your health insurance options and immunizations.


Immunization Office (located next to the Health Services office)


Location: Bldg. SU 80, Rm. 114

This is where you need to go to show proof of immunizations to be able to register for classes (new students).

CAPS (Counseling and Psychological Services)                                                 

561-297-3540 |   http://www.fau.edu/counseling/

Social media links:   Facebook   and   Instagram

Moving to the US and experiencing student life is exciting, but can also be stressful. If you are feeling angry, overwhelmed or demotivated, we encourage you to meet with a counselor so that you can improve and maintain your mental wellbeing and as a result become a successful student!


Campus Recreation "Rec Center"                  

561-297-4512 |   campusrec@fau.edu   |   http://www.fau.edu/campusrec/

Social media links:   Facebook   ,   Instagram   , and   Twitter

Did you know that students who are physically active perform better in school and have higher GPA levels overall than their peers who are not active? Come experience all Campus Recreation has to offer, and let us help you commit to living and active and healthy lifestyle all year long! #OwlsMove


Atlantic Dining Hall "The Caf"                      

561-297-2041 |   bizservices@fau.edu


Are you hungry and need options? Go eat at the cafeteria! They also have to-go boxes and cups if you are in a hurry or would like to enjoy lunch outside.


Food Court                               

561-297-2041 |   bizservices@fau.edu


Are you hungry, but don’t have time to go to the cafeteria? Don't stay hungry! Grab something to eat and enjoy the weather!

Visit   Dine on Campus


FAU Pharmacy


Student Union Lobby