School Leaders Program

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Office of Educational Leadership Learning

Student Voices | Florida Students United

FAU’s School Leaders Program’s Office of Leadership Learning is proud to announce that we will now be hosting the Student Voices | Florida Students United that has been bringing together Florida’s youth and talent to engage in learning and advocacy for what is best for public education.

Teacher Leadership Certificate (TLC)

The Department of Educational Leadership & Research Methodology (ELRM) and the Department of Curriculum, Culture, and Educational Inquiry (CCEI) partnered to cultivate and activate teachers as leaders who transform the teaching profession in the best interest of students. Read more about TLC...

University-School District Partnerships

The Florida Atlantic University-School District Partnership includes multiple school districts in Florida, each individually partnered with FAU’s School Leaders Program, who together develop, implement, and improve the professional learning of school leaders in their districts to provide the best public education for students, families, and the community.

International Partnerships

The Educational Leadership faculty work with international organizations and education agencies for the development of leaders around the world. Our international partnerships include: