School Leaders Program


Doctor of Philosophy


Doctor of Philosophy The Department of Educational Leadership’s mission is to prepare and support leaders in public and private educational institutions at all levels and in the educational units of other organizations. The School Leaders Doctoral program seeks to provide broad experiences that allow leaders to bring many different perspectives to bear on the organizational problems and opportunities which confront them in practice. The program assumes that educational leaders will be more effective when they are able to (1) apply information and concepts to practice; (2) see the organization as a whole and understand how various parts of the organization relate to and effect each other; (3) discern meaning in, and establish relationships between events and bits of information that appear to be discrete and unrelated; and, (4) learn through a community of practitioners model where participants engage real problems and opportunities in a collegial learning team approach.

Doctoral students must meet the leadership core pre-requisites and engage in courses specifically designed for the doctoral level. The doctorate is not a certification program.