Research Methodology

We are a team of research methodologists with extensive skills in the design, implementation, and analysis of research. We provide education and consultation on the entire scope of research, including conceptualization, design, measurement, analysis to publication.

As methodologists, we create and use specialized applications throughout the research project. We can provide program evaluation as well as training or direct programming / coding on numerous research applications. Check out the links below to learn more about some of the applications we use in our research activities.


We also provide service and consultation to our department, the university, and the community. The links that follow provide a partial list of our collegial activities:

Check out our team to learn more about specific skills and interests. We would be happy to discuss your research needs during a personal interview. Contact any of our team members to schedule a conversation.

Interested in training and/or consultation in Spanish? Contact Dr. Maria Vasquez. Si está interesado en capacitación o tiene una consulta en español, por favor envíe un email a