School Leaders Program

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What degree programs do you offer?
    In the School Leaders program, we offer a Master’s degree with leadership certification, a Specialist’s degree with leadership certification, and a professional Specialist’s degree for those already holding a Masters and already having leadership certification. We also offer a Ph. D. in Educational Leadership.
  2. Where are these programs offered?
    With the exception of the Ph. D. program that is offered in Boca only, the course work can be taken in Boca and Jupiter.
  3. How are the program courses offered?
    Courses are offered in different formats. Traditional evening courses in Boca and Davie; Saturday Fast Track courses in Boca, Davie and Jupiter. All courses except the experiential courses can also be taken On-line.
  4. Can I get Leadership Certification without getting another degree?
    Yes. If you already have a Master’s degree, or higher, and you just want leadership certification, you can do that as a non-degree seeking student but you will have to meet all the same requirements as the degree seeking students, although you may transfer up to 6 credit hours into the certification process.
  5. Do I have to take a state exam to be certified in Educational Leadership?
    Yes. As a requirement of the program and the State DOE, you must take and pass the Florida Educational Leadership Exam (FELE) before your degree is confirmed. Our course work is designed to prepare you for this exam, and much more.
  6. How many credit hours does each degree require?
    The Master’s degree requires 39 – 42 semester hours; both Specialists’ degrees require 51 – 54 semester hours; and the Ph. D. requires a minimum of 77 semester hours above the Master’s degree.
  7. How long will it take me to complete my degree?
    One of the best aspects of our programs is that you control the pace that works best for you. However, if you want to be a student in a regular semester sequence, it takes four consecutive semesters to complete all the coursework for the Master’s degree. Since the Specialist degrees require more hours, it may take you five or six semesters to complete your coursework. If you enter the Ph. D. program, then you and your advisor design your program together.
  8. What courses would I take for certification to be a school administrator?
    You would take 9 hours in Leadership Foundations; 6 or 9 hours in Research Foundations; 18 hours in Professional Knowledge Foundations; and a total of 6 hours in three separate Experiential Courses. Our website lists these course requirements for each degree.
  9. Are these courses offered in a certain sequence?
    Yes they are, with the only requirement being that you complete the 9 hours of Leadership Foundations courses and complete the Technology Assessment before being able to take any of the other courses including the experiential courses.
  10. What is the application process?
    You will be required to send certain documentation to Graduate Admissions and certain documentation to the Department of Educational Leadership and Research Methodology on the Boca campus. Visit our website for a listing of these requirements at
  11. Who can I talk to if I need more information?
    Dr. John Hardman in Palm Beach County at
    Dr. Jennifer Freeland in Broward County at
  12. Can I also call someone?
    Sure. Boca is 561-297-3550; Davie is 954-236-1000; Jupiter is 561-799-8500.